Loboscelidia scutellata Fouts,

Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012, Review of the odd chrysidid genus Loboscelidia Westwood, 1874 (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Loboscelidiinae), ZooKeys 213, pp. 1-40: 26

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Loboscelidia scutellata Fouts


Loboscelidia scutellata Fouts 

Loboscelidia scutellata  Fouts 1922: 628. Syntype males (not females); Philippines: Mindanao, Basilan, Surigao (USNM).

Material studied.

Only the 2 syntypes were seen.


Loboscelidia scutellata  is another of the species with a complete scrobal sulcus and notauli, and a triangular frontal projection. Characteristics that separate this species from the rest include the scape striate and 2.5 –2.7× as long as broad, flagellomeres I and II twice as long as broad, flagellomere XI 2.4 × as long as broad, fore and midfemoral flanges less than half as long as femora, hindtibial flange as long as tibia and 0.6 × as wide as tubular part of tibia.