Rhipicephalus oculatus,

Guglielmone, Alberto A., Petney, Trevor N. & Robbins, Richard G., 2020, Ixodidae (Acari: Ixodoidea): descriptions and redescriptions of all known species from 1758 to December 31, 2019, Zootaxa 4871 (1), pp. 1-322: 231-232

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Rhipicephalus oculatus


54. Rhipicephalus oculatus  Neumann, 1901.

An Afrotropical species, all of whose parasitic stages are usually found on Lagomorpha  : Leporidae  , but all parasitic stages have also been collected from Artiodactyla  : Bovidae  . Nymphs and larvae have been recovered from Galliformes  : Numididae  , and larvae alone have been taken from Rodentia  : Pedetidae  . There are no records of Rhipicephalus oculatus  causing human parasitism.

M: Neumann  (1901)

F: Neumann  (1901)

N: Keirans et al. (1993b); see note below

L: Keirans et al. (1993b); see note below


M: Keirans et al. (1993b), Walker et al. (2000), Horak et al. (2018)

F: Keirans et al. (1993b), Walker et al. (2000), Horak et al. (2018)

N: Walker et al. (2000)

L: Walker et al. (2000)

Note: descriptions of the nymph and larva of Rhipicephalus oculatus  , as in Howard (1908), were published prior to the study of Keirans et al. (1993b), but, according to the latter authors, the immature stages used by Howard (1908) for his descriptions represent a different species. Misidentifications also occur in several redescriptions of the male and female of Rhipicephalus oculatus  , as in Zumpt (1942c, 1950) and Theiler and Salisbury (1953), among others. The species most often confused with Rhipicephalus oculatus  was Rhipicephalus exophthalmos  .