Rhipicephalus appendiculatus,

Guglielmone, Alberto A., Petney, Trevor N. & Robbins, Richard G., 2020, Ixodidae (Acari: Ixodoidea): descriptions and redescriptions of all known species from 1758 to December 31, 2019, Zootaxa 4871 (1), pp. 1-322: 214

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Rhipicephalus appendiculatus


2. Rhipicephalus appendiculatus  Neumann, 1901.

An Afrotropical species, all of whose parasitic stages are usually found on Artiodactyla  : Bovidae  , but they have also been collected from Mammalia  (several orders), and Galliformes  : Numididae  and Phasianidae  . Adult ticks alone have been recovered from Passeriformes  : Laniidae  , and Testudines  (unknown family), while immature stages have been taken from Aves  (several orders). Rhipicephalus appendiculatus  is a sporadic parasite of humans.

M: Neumann  (1901)

F: Neumann  (1901)

N: Howard (1908)

L: Howard (1908)


M: Hoogstraal (1956a), Walker et al. (1981, 2000), Walker A. R et al. (2003), Horak et al. (2018)

F: Hoogstraal (1956a), Walker et al. (1981, 2000), Walker A. R et al. (2003), Horak et al. (2018)

N: Walker et al. (1981, 2000)

L: Arthur (1975a), Walker et al. (1981, 2000)

Note: Walker et al. (2000) state that it can be very difficult, or sometimes impossible, to morphologically separate Rhipicephalus appendiculatus  and Rhipicephalus zambeziensis  , but Rhipicephalus appendiculatus  has also been confused with other Rhipicephalus  species. Walker et al. (2000) selected a lectotype and paralectotype of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus  from Tanzania to avoid confusion with Rhipicephalus zambeziensis  or Rhipicephalus nitens  . There are other redescriptions of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus  that were not included in the above lists because of doubts concerning the identity of the specimens involved.