Polymixis (Lophotyna) crinomima crinomima

Benedek, Balázs, Volynkin, Anton V., Babics, János & Saldaitis, Aidas, 2021, Review of the subgenus Lophotyna Hampson of the genus Polymixis Hübner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Noctuinae), with descriptions of two new species from Myanmar, Zootaxa 4999 (1), pp. 22-40: 36-37

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Polymixis (Lophotyna) crinomima crinomima


Polymixis (Lophotyna) crinomima crinomima   ( Wiltshire, 1946)

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Antitype crinomima   Wiltshire, 1946, Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London (B), 15, (9–10), 120, plate 1, figs. A–B (Type locality: Iran, Kermanshah)   .

= Polymixis crinomima diluta L. Ronkay, Varga & Hreblay, 1998   , Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientarium Hungaricae, 44 (3): 254 (Type locality: Turkmenia   GoogleMaps , Kopet-Dagh Mts, 1600m, 25km E of Nochur, Karayalchi valley, 57°09´E, 38°21´N), syn. nov.

Material examined. IRAN: 1 male, Prov. Kordestan, Zagros Mts., Sanandag , 1400 m, 11–12. x. 2009, leg. T. Hácz & Sz. Sum, gen. prep. No.: JB2417   ♂; 1 female, Buyer Ahmad, Zagros Mts., Vazag , 2450m, 16–19.x.2009, leg. T. Hácz & Sz. Sum, gen. prep. No.: JB2418   ♀ ( BBT)   ; 1 female, prov. Busher, Kangom Umg., Strasse [road] Dorahak- Velayat , 871 m, N27°59´50.6´´, E52°00´44.5´´, 03– 04.01.2008, LF/KF, leg. Lehmann, Stadie, Zahiri, BC ZSM Lep 65554, gen. prep. No.: JB2424 GoogleMaps   ♀ ( DSLE)   ; TURKEY: 1 male, Prov. Kars, valley of Aras river , 13 km SW of Karakurt, 1450 m, 7.x.2005, leg. B. Benedek & T. Csővári ( BBT)   ; 1 male, Prov. Hakkari, 30 km E of Hakkari, 16000 m, 4.x.2005, leg. B. Benedek & T. Csővári ( BBT)   .

Remark. The subspecies P. crinomima diluta   was described from the Turkmen side of the Kopet Dagh Mountains. However, subsequent studies revealed that P. crinomima   is a widely distributed and generally frequent species in the area ranging from East Turkey across the whole Iran to Baluchestan Province in the south. Thus, there is no reason to separate the population from the Kopet Dagh Mts on subspecific level taking into account the absence of a geographical isolation and remarkable external and genital differences as well. For this reason, we hereby synonymize ssp. diluta   with the nominate subspecies.

Diagnosis. The forewing length is 19–22 mm in males and 22–24 mm in females. The detailed comparisons with P. crinomima jabaliya   and P. calligrapha   are provided below in the diagnoses of the taxa.

Distribution and bionomics. The nominate subspecies is known from south-eastern Turkey, Iran ( Wiltshire 1946) and south-western Turkmenistan ( Ronkay et al. 1998). The subspecies inhabits hot and dry, semi-arid, rocky habitats where it is usually frequent or even common. Moths are on the wing in autumn (October).














Polymixis (Lophotyna) crinomima crinomima

Benedek, Balázs, Volynkin, Anton V., Babics, János & Saldaitis, Aidas 2021

Polymixis crinomima diluta

L. Ronkay, Varga & Hreblay 1998