Balanococcus Williams, 1962,

Gavrilov, Ilya A., 2010, Descriptions of two new species of Pseudococcidae (Homoptera: Coccinea) and additions to the scale insect fauna of Bulgaria, Zootaxa 2635, pp. 32-40: 32

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Balanococcus Williams, 1962


Balanococcus Williams, 1962 

Type species Ripersia scirpi Green. 

The genus comprises more then 30 Palaearctic and Australasian species. The Palaearctic fauna was revised recently by Danzig (1998) and Kwon et al. (2003) and represented by a compact group of morphologically similar species inhabiting mainly the leaf sheaths of different grasses. The adult females of Palaearctic Balanococcus  spp. are similar in their morphology and mode of life to females of the widely distributed Trionymus Berg  , but differ in Balanococcus  having diagnostically-shaped tubular ducts, with a deep collar covering the duct, and some other small characters, such as short antennae, comparatively large hind coxae and poorly developed ostioles.