Reductoonops domingo, Platnick & Berniker, 2014

Platnick, Norman I. & Berniker, Lily, 2014, ffle Neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Reductoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2014 (3811), pp. 1-75: 68

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Reductoonops domingo

new species

Reductoonops domingo   , new species ( figs. 398–414 View FIGURES 393–402. 393–397 View FIGURES 403–414 )

TYPES: Male holotype, female allotype, and male paratype from Berlese sample of rainforest litter taken at an elevation of 1700 ft at a site 4 km east of Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas, Ecuador (June 22, 1975; S. Peck), deposited in FMNH (PBI_ OON 10569 View Materials )   .

DIAGNOSIS: Males resemble those of R. pinta   in having a greatly expanded palpal conductor, but differ in having the embolus still separate from both the conductor and the palpal apophysis ( fig. 411–414 View FIGURES 403–414 ); females have a distinctively W-shaped tip on the anterior genitalic process ( figs. 401, 402 View FIGURES 393–402. 393–397 ).

MALE (PBI_ OON 10569 View Materials , figs. 403–414 View FIGURES 403–414 ): Total length 1.09. Surface of elevated portion of pars cephalica smooth. Eyes two; ALE touching. Sternum with anterior channels, surface finely striated, without pits, microsculpture absent; setae densest laterally. Labium anterior margin indented at middle. Endite tip with triangular lobe bearing medially directed seta. Conductor fused with palpal apophysis, embolus separate, sinuous; cymbium completely fused with bulb, no seam visible.

FEMALE (PBI_ OON 10569 View Materials , figs. 398–402 View FIGURES 393–402. 393–397 ): Total length 1.40. Anterior genitalic process relatively wide at base, subdistally narrowed, tip W-shaped; process set in laterally folded boatshaped structure.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: ECUADOR: Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas: 4 km SE Santo Domingo , June 8, 1976, Berlese, termite nest in rotten log, elev. 500 m (S. Peck, FMNH PBI_ OON 31189 View Materials ), 1♀   .

DISTRIBUTION: Ecuador (Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas).


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