Reductoonops chamela, Platnick & Berniker, 2014

Platnick, Norman I. & Berniker, Lily, 2014, ffle Neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Reductoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2014 (3811), pp. 1-75: 11

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Reductoonops chamela

new species

Reductoonops chamela   , new species ( figs. 97–120 View FIGURES 97–109 View FIGURES 110–120 )

TYPES: Male holotype, female allotype, two male paratypes, and two female paratypes taken from a Berlese sample of forest litter taken at an elevation of 150–300 ft in the Estación de Biología Chamela , at km 59 on Route 200, north of La Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico (Apr. 4–7, 1985; R. Schuh, B. Massie), deposited in AMNH (PBI_OON 1463)   .

DIAGNOSIS: Members of this species resemble those of R. armeria   and R. niltepec   in retaining the four posterior eyes. Males differ from those of R. armeria   in having a much longer base subtending both the embolus and conductor, and from those of R. niltepec   in having that base narrower ( figs. 110–113 View FIGURES 110–120 ). Females differ from those of R. armeria   in having the posterior portion of the anterior genitalic process much shorter, and from those of R. niltepec   in having that portion of the process wider distally than proximally ( figs. 119, 120 View FIGURES 110–120 ).

MALE (PBI_OON 1463, figs. 97–113 View FIGURES 97–109 View FIGURES 110–120 ): Total length 0.95. Surface of elevated portion of pars cephalica finely reticulate. Eyes six; ALE touching. Sternum without anterior channels, surface finely reticulate, without pits, microsculpture only at sides; setae densest laterally. Labium anterior margin indented at middle. Anterolateral edge of endites with sharply pointed, laterally directed projection. Embolus and conductor originating from single long, wide base; cymbium not fused with bulb.

FEMALE (PBI_OON 1463, figs. 114–120 View FIGURES 110–120 ): Total length 1.31. Anterior genitalic process bipartite, posterior portion about twice as long as anterior portion, widest anteriorly.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: MEXICO: Jalisco: La Manganilla, 12 mi NW La Barra de Navidad, Sept. 23, 1973, Berlese, litter near logs with fungus (A. Newton, FMNH 56114 View Materials , PBI_ OON 10724 View Materials ), 4♂   .

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico (Jalisco).


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