Reductoonops almirante, Platnick & Berniker, 2014

Platnick, Norman I. & Berniker, Lily, 2014, ffle Neotropical goblin spiders of the new genus Reductoonops (Araneae, Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2014 (3811), pp. 1-75: 16-63

publication ID 10.1206/3811.1


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Reductoonops almirante

new species

Reductoonops almirante   , new species ( figs. 254–266 View FIGURES 254–268. 254–266 , 269–273 View FIGURES 269–278. 269–273 )

TYPES: Male holotype, male paratype, female allotype, and female paratype from Berlese sample of overflow of debris on ground from split tree hole 6 ft up on the trail to the dam on Nigua Creek, Almirante, Bocas del Toro, Panama (Mar. 25, 1959; H. Dybas), deposited in FMNH (PBI_ OON10395 View Materials )   .

DIAGNOSIS: Males resemble those of the Costa Rican species R. lucha   in having a triangular palpal apophysis, but have a much more sinuous embolus ( figs. 263–266 View FIGURES 254–268. 254–266 ); females also resemble those of R. lucha   in having an asymmetrical anterior genitalic process, but that process is shorter and is situated on a much shorter base ( figs. 272, 273 View FIGURES 269–278. 269–273 ).

MALE (PBI_ OON 10395 View Materials , figs. 254–266 View FIGURES 254–268. 254–266 , 269 View FIGURES 269–278. 269–273 ): Total length 1.00. Surface of elevated portion of pars cephalica smooth. Eyes two; ALE touching. Sternum with anterior channels, surface smooth, without pits, microsculpture; setae densest laterally. Labium anterior margin deeply incised. Endites with bipartite terminal lobe, proximal portion with two modified setae. Palpal apophysis triangular, basal portion of embolus highly sinuous; cymbium not fused with bulb.

FEMALE (PBI_ OON 10395 View Materials , figs. 270–273 View FIGURES 269–278. 269–273 ): Total length 1.17. Labium anterior margin indented at middle. Anterior genitalic process asymmetrical, situated on short base.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: PANAMA: Bocas del Toro: Almirante , Apr. 1, 1959, Berlese, thatch on nest of snapping ant (H. Dybas, FMNH 33890 View Materials , PBI_ OON 10392 View Materials ), 1♂   ; Almirante, trail to left of trail to dam on Nigua Creek , Mar. 30, 1959, Berlese, concentrated floor litter on hill (H. Dybas, FMNH PBI_ OON 10402 View Materials ), 1♀   .

DISTRIBUTION: Panama (Bocas del Toro).


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