Pachypsylla celtidismamma (Riley, 1875)

Halbert, Susan E. & Burckhardt, Daniel, 2020, The psyllids (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) of Florida: newly established and rarely collected taxa and checklist, Insecta Mundi 2020 (788), pp. 1-88: 23

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Pachypsylla celtidismamma (Riley, 1875)


Pachypsylla celtidismamma (Riley, 1875)  

Materials examined. USA: Florida: Specimens from Alachua and Brevard counties ( FSCA, dry mounted, ethanol). Some specimens in the gall collection are filed under synonyms ( Hodkinson 1988) (see above).

Diagnosis. Pachypsylla celtidismamma sensu Tuthill (1943)   is a complex of closely related species with similar adult morphology but strongly differing gall shapes.

Distribution. Widely distributed in eastern and central North America, adventive in CA ( Percy et al. 2012).

Host plants. Celtis laevigata Willd., C   . occidentalis   L. ( Cannabaceae   ).


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology