Campylopus trachyblepharon (C.M.) Mitt.,

P. A. Florschütz, 1964, Flora of Suriname, volume VI, part I, Leiden: Brill: 32-83

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Campylopus trachyblepharon (C.M.) Mitt.


8. Campylopus trachyblepharon (C.M.) Mitt.  Journ. Linn. Soc. London Bot. 12: 80. 1869. 869

Dicranum trachyblepharon C.M.  Syn. Musc 389. 1848. Type specimen: not indicated. Lectotype: Beyrich s.n., Brazil (NY).

This species has been collected once in British Guiana (Abraham 145, NY). It has the habit of C. surinamensis  , but the leaves are twice as long as in that species and the costa has very prominent lamellae (3-5 cells high) on back. The type specimen shows basal cells indistinctly pitted.

Campylopus chionophilus (C.M.) Mitt. 

The material cited by Brothenxs (Trans. Linn. Soc. London Bot. ser. 2. 6: 89. 1901), collected by McConnell and Quelch in British Guiana (342, K), does not belong to Campylopus  . The material is sterile and shows linear upper leaf cells. It belongs either to Dicranodontium  or to Atractylocarpus  .

Campylopus roraimae  , see C. arctocarpus  .