Loboscelidia collaris Fouts,

Kimsey, Lynn S., 2012, Review of the odd chrysidid genus Loboscelidia Westwood, 1874 (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Loboscelidiinae), ZooKeys 213, pp. 1-40: 10

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Loboscelidia collaris Fouts


Loboscelidia collaris Fouts 

Loboscelidia collaris  Fouts 1922: 627. Holotype male (not female); Singapore (USNM).

Material studied.

Indonesia: W. Kalimantan: Gunung Palung Nat. Pk (14 males, ROM; E. Kalimantan: Kac. Pujungan, Kayan-Matanrang Nat. Res. (3 males, ROM, BME); 38 km n alikpapan, Sambojal2 (1 male, ROM); Sumatra: Aceh, Gunung Leuser Nat. Park, Ketambe Res. Sta. (7 males, ROM, BME); Malaysia: Sabah, Mt. Kinabalu N.P., Poring Hot Spgs (2 males, CNC); Sarawak: Gunung Mulu National Park (4 males, BME, ROM); Selangor: 16 mi e Gombak, Univ. Malaya Forest (1 male, UCR); Singapore: (1 male, USNM), Timah Nat. Res. (1 male, CNC);; Thailand: Chaiyaphum,Tat Tone NP (1 male, QSBG); Trang: Near Nam Tock Tjon Prov., Khoa Chong Mt. (3 males, CNC); Phattalung Nam Tok Phrai Wan (1 male, UCR); 40 specimens were examined including the holotype.


This is another species with a complete scrobal sulcus and triangular frontal projection. Male Loboscelidia collaris  can be distinguished from species with these traits by the combination of the pronotum with a sharp crease or ridge dorsolaterally, scape less than 3 × as long as broad, flagellomeres I and II more than twice as long as broad, flagellomere XI 3.5 –4.0× as long as broad, and the fore, mid and hindfemoral flanges as long as the femora.