Tectocepheus velatus (Michael, 1880)

Kun, Marcelo E., Martínez, Pablo A. & Gonzalez, Alda, 2010, Oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Austrocedrus chilensis and Nothofagus forests of Northwestern Patagonia (Argentina), Zootaxa 2548, pp. 22-42 : 36

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.196766



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Tectocepheus velatus (Michael, 1880)


Tectocepheus velatus (Michael, 1880) View in CoL

Specimens examined: Cerro Otto - under A. chilensis , leaf litter XI-2006 (121i, 32a), III-2007 (7i,18a), soil XI-2006 (2a), III-2007 (3i,1a), LLao LLao - under N. dombeyi , leaf litter XI-2006 (13a, 6i), III-2007 (17a, 14i), soil XI-2006 (2a, 6i), Balcón Gutiérrez - under N. dombeyi , leaf litter III-2008 (7a), Cerro P. Laguna - under N. antarctica , leaf litter XI-2006 (48a, 38i), III-2007 (1a, 2i), soil (1a, 3i) XI-2006.

Distribution: Originally described from England. Previously reported from the Falkland Islands ( Starý & Block 1996). Although the genus Tectocepheus was recorded in Argentina no assignment to species or subspecies was given ( Hammer 1958; Hammer 1962b; Baranek 1988; Salazar Martínez et al. 2007) until recently when T. minor was recorded in the province of Buenos Aires ( Fredes & Martínez 2008) and T. velatus in the province of Misiones ( Martinez et al. 2009). First record for the province of Rio Negro.

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