Vanellus gallinaceus Lesson,

Jansen, Justin J. F. J., 2017, Rene Mauge's ornithological collections from Kupang Bay, West-Timor, Indonesia, August-November 1801, with special regard to type-specimens, Zoosystematics and Evolution 93 (2), pp. 467-492: 471

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Vanellus gallinaceus Lesson


Vanellus gallinaceus Lesson 

Vanellus gallinaceus  Lesson, 1831, Traité d’Orn. 7: 542 (Timor).

Vanellus miles  (Boddaert, 1783). - Now.

Type materials.

SYNTYPE: MNHN-ZO-2014-471 [ MNHN A.C. 13015], immature female, near Kupang Bay, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, West-Timor (10°11'0"S; 123°35'0"E), between 22 August and 13 November 1801, by René Maugé.

Pedestal underside: (Sticker) Asie Aust. Cte Le Natte. / Expedit. du Captne Baudin / an 11 / Timor - Maugé. (Sticker 2) (large part crossed and illegible) / Van gallinaceum  / Jard. Et Selb / pl. 24 / (illegible) Vanneau gallinace  / Vanellus gallinaceus  Tem. / Ch. Gallinaceus / Wagl. / Timor. Pedestal label: Vanneau gallinace  / Vanellus gallinaceus  , Jard. Et Selb. / Chetusia gallinacean, G.R. Gr. / Charadrius gallinaecueus, Wagl. / de Timor, par Maugé.


Lesson did not mention how many individuals he examined. Reference is made by Lesson that the type locality was Timor and the collector Maugé. The MNHN Maugé specimen was catalogued around 1854 ( MNHN Laboratory, ZMO-GalOis 4) and represents the sole specimen of this species. The bird sent from the MNHN to Rouen on 23 April 1806 ( Muséum d’histoire Naturelle, Le Havre no 21111, 21114) was not examined by Lesson. In the night of 30-31 December 1926, the collection was burned ( Bénédicte Percheron in litt. 28 December 2016, and Thierry Kermanach in litt. 28 February 2017). The type locality is restricted to: West-Timor, near Kupang Bay (article 76a.2.A (ICZN 1999)). Lesson named this species Vanellus gallinaceus  or 'hen, or hens’ ( Jobling 2017).