Staphylinus strumosus

Jászay, Tomáš & Hlaváč, Peter, 2013, A taxonomic revision of the myrmecophilous genus Lomechusoides Tottenham, 1939 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) Part I. Redescription of the genus, definition of species groups and the revision of the amurensis Wasmann 1897 species group, Zootaxa 3683 (1), pp. 65-81: 70

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Staphylinus strumosus


The strumosus   species group

Head wide, about as wide as long, eyes slightly longer than temples, frontal, triangular depression with sparser puncturation and setation as on rest of head. Antennomere III longer than pedicel and longer or at most as long as IV, all antennomeres matt, with dense microsculpture.

Pronotum strongly transverse, more rectangular than trapezoidal in shape, with excavation on anterior margin, lateral margin matt, with tubercles and setae and with well-defined microsculpture, medial groove well-defined, pronotal disc with tubercles with erect setae, microsculpture variable, with setation. Metaventral process lacking depression, punctures with long setae, medial groove punctured and setose, surface with microsculpture and macrosetae.

Tergites III–IV finely punctured on posterior margin with fine setae and macrosetae (14–18), tergite V–VIII lacking puncturation, surface with uneven microsculpture and setae. Sternites with long setae, on sternite III–IV exceeding posterior margin of sternite, on other sternites setae not exceeding its posterior margin.

List of species. L. inflatus (Zetterstedt)   , L. mongolicus (Wasmann)   , L. sibiricus (Motschulsky)   , L. strumosus siculus (Fiori)   , L. strumosus strumosus (Fabricius)   , L. teres (Eppelsheim)   .

Distribution. Almost the whole Palaearctic region, from Spain, central and northern Europe, Caucasus, Mongolia, China and Russia Far East.