Zodarion Walckenaer, 1826

Benhalima, Souâd & Bosmans, Robert, 2020, Revision of the genus Zodarion Walckenaer, 1833 (part IV). The species of Morocco (Araneae: Zodariidae), Zootaxa 4899 (1), pp. 93-114: 94-95

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Zodarion Walckenaer, 1826


Genus Zodarion Walckenaer, 1826  

Type species. Enyo nitida Audouin, 1826  

Regarding male palps and epigynes, the Zodarion   species of Morocco can be classified in the following groups:

italicum group

Diagnosis. Males: Tibial apophysis short, triangular, as wide or wider than long; median apophysis with basal part broader than triangular distal part; embolus without subterminal tooth, basal part often with ridges. Females: Epigyne without pit or slit-like apertures, with two parallel or converging chitinous sutures, limiting a square, trapezoid or triangular postero-median plate.

Species in Morocco. Zodarion isabellinum: ( Simon, 1870)   and Z. pallidum Denis, 1952   .

elegans group

Diagnosis. Males: tibial apophysis 2–3 longer than wide, terminally recurved and with one or more lobes, teeth or grooves; median apophysis flat and compact, with medio-lateral incision; embolus oblique and straigth, with subterminal and terminal teeth. Females: Epigyne with deep, transverse pit, at posterior margin mostly with pockets.

Species in Morocco. Zodarion maculatum ( Simon, 1870)   , Z. maghrebense   sp. nov. and Zodarion valentii Bosmans, Loverre & Adante, 2019   .

mostafai   group

Diagnosis. This is a newly established group of which only Z. trianguliferum   was previously known. Since this species is only known from the female, Z. mostafai   sp. nov., with both sexes known, is selected to give a name to the new group.

Males with tibial apophysis strongly elongated, 3–4 times longer than wide, with terminal peculiar knob; median apophysis flat, with wide proximal part and pointed distal part; embolus without subterminal tooth (difference with elegans group), tip curved. Females: epigynes with paired pockets, with only posterior margin chitinised; spermathecae small, separated by more than four times their diameter.

Species in Morocco. Zodarion azrouense   sp. nov., Z. ericorum   sp. nov., Z. jeanclaudeledouxi   sp. nov., Z. mostafai   sp. nov., Z. ogeri   sp. nov., Z. trianguliferum Denis, 1952   and Z. wesolowskae   sp. nov.