Eudorylas Aczél, Aczel

Rafael, José Albertino & Ale-Rocha, Rosaly, 2004, Nicaraguan Pipunculidae (Diptera): new records and description of new species, Zootaxa 529, pp. 1-18: 6

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Eudorylas Aczél


Eudorylas Aczél  

This heterogeneous genus was recently redefined by Skevington and Yeates (2001), when the genus Metadorylas Rafael   was synonymized with it. The above authors also comment the troubled history of the genus. After the redefinition a great number of Neotropical species that were treated in Eudorylas   do no fit its concept. Because of this Skevington (in Skevington and Yeates 2001) also created two new genera, Clistoabdominalis Skevington   and Dasydorylas Skevington   to include some Eudorylas   s.l. species. However, these two genera are not enough to encompass the remaining Neotropical species that do not fit the Eudorylas   concept. Additional efforts on the generic concepts of Neotropical and Nearctic Eudorylini   fauna are necessary and new genera will certainly be created in order to encompass these species. In the interim, some of the new Nicaraguan species are included in Eudorylas   until these species can be placed to genus in a world context. Part of the Neotropical species of Eudorylas   , treated as Metadorylas   , were revised by Rafael (1990, 1996). The species that do not fit Eudorylas sensu   stricto in this paper are E. maesi   , n. sp., E. platyapodemalis   , n. sp. and E. similis (Hardy)   .