Lista insulsalis (Lederer, 1863),

Wang, Mingqiang, Chen, Fuqiang & Wu, Chunsheng, 2017, A review of Lista Walker, 1859 in China, with descriptions of five new species (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Epipaschiinae), ZooKeys 642, pp. 97-113: 104

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Lista insulsalis (Lederer, 1863)


Lista insulsalis (Lederer, 1863)  Figs 5, 17, 27

Paracme insulsalis  Lederer, 1863: 339, pl. 6. f. 11.

Stericta rubiginetincta  Caradja, 1925: 58; Lu and Guan 1953: 109.

Lista insulsalis  (Lederer): Solis 1992: 283.

Lista haraldusalis  (nec. Walker): Li and Ren 2008: 35 (misidentified).


The species differs from other species by rustier colored scales on the wings, the uncus with two extremely elongated arms laterally located, and the slender processes of the sacculus about twice as long as in other species.

Material examined.

Hunan: Nanyue, 2♂♂8♀♀, 29.V.1974, Song Shimei (gen. slide no. Ep13, Ep22); Hengshan, 1♂7♀♀, 29.V.1974, Song Shimei; Hengshan, 2♂♂1♀, 16.VIII.1979, Zhang Baolin. Fujian: Wuyishan, 2♀♀, 12-17.VIII.1979, Song Shimei; Yezhou, 1♀, 13.V.1980; Jiangle, 2♀, 16.IX.1990; Wuyishan, 8♂♂2♀♀, 520-1260m, 24-30.VII.2000, Song Shimei & Wang Jiashe. Zhejiang: Huangyan, 1♀, 26.IX.1962, Zhang Baolin; Tianmushan, 3♂♂2♀♀, 1-2.IX.1981, Song Shimei (gen. slide no. Ep71); Lin’an, 8♂♂6♀♀, 1350m, 28-29.VII.2003, Xue Dayong & Han Hongxiang (gen. slide no. Ep510, Ep511, Ep512); Anji, 1♂1♀, 13.VII.1995, Wu Hong & Wang Zhengru; 1♀, 23.VII.1996; Shaanxi: Luonan, 1♀, 8.IX.1980; Liuba, 2♂♂3♀♀, 1350m, 19-24.VII.1998, Yao Jian & Zhang Xuezhong (gen. slide no. Ep513); Foping, 2♀♀, 950m, 23-24.VII.1998, Yao Jian & Yuan Decheng; Ningshan, 1♂, 1580m, 27.VII.1998, Yuan Decheng. Henan: Xinyang, 1♂, 250m, 20-21.VII.2002, Han Hongxiang. Guangdong: Dinghushan, 1♂, 29.VII.2005, Chen Fuqiang (gen. slide no. Ep541); Ruyuan, Nanling, 2♂♂, 865m, 15.VII.2005, Chen Fuqiang; Lianping, 1♀, 13.V.1973, Zhang Baolin. Jiangxi: Guling, 2♀♀, 30. VII–VIII.1935; Jiulianshan, 1♀, 11.VI.1975, Song Shimei; Lushan, 4♀♀, 16-30.VII.1980, Song Shimei; Luzhi, 1♂2♀♀, 30. VI– 9.VII.1980, Shanxi: Zhongtiaoshan, 4♀♀, VIII.1978, Zhu Huiqian. Jiangsu: 2♀♀, 21-26.VIII.1933. Anhui: Huangshan, 1♂, 29.VII.1976. Yunnan: Xishuangbanna, 1♂, 1200-1600m, 18.VII.1958, Wang Shuyong; Luxi, 2♂♂1♀, 7-8.V.1980, Song Shimei; Yiliang, 8♂♂1♀, 19-20.VII.1982, Song Shimei; Lufeng, 2♂♂, 22.VI.1982, Song Shimei; Yongsheng, 1♂, 2250m, 10.VII.1984, Liu Dajun; Shiping, 1♂, 1650m, Liu Yongjie. Xinjiang: Urumqi, 1♀, 5.VI.1984; Guangxi: Xing’an, 2♀♀, 5.VI.1984; Miaoershan, 1♂, 8.VII.1985; Shangsi, 3♂♂4♀♀, 250-300m, 27-29.V.1999, Yuan Decheng et al.; Jinxiu, 1♂2♀♀, 200-900m, 20-29.V.1999, Li Wenzhu et al.; Shangsi, 1♀, 250-300m, 9.VI.2000, Zhu Chaodong.


China (Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan), Russia, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia.


The species was wrongly recognized as Lista haraldusalis  (Walker, 1859) by Li and Ren (2008). We correct their identification here.














Lista insulsalis (Lederer, 1863)

Wang, Mingqiang, Chen, Fuqiang & Wu, Chunsheng 2017

Paracme insulsalis

Lederer 1863