Compsophis laphystius

Hutter, Carl Richard, Andriampenomanana, Zo F., Razafindraibe, Jary H., Rakotoarison, Dr. Andolalao & Scherz, Mark D., 2018, New dietary data from Compsophis and Alluaudina species (Squamata: Lamprophiidae: Pseudoxyrhophiinae), and implications for their dietary complexity and evolution, Journal of Natural History 52 (39 - 40), pp. 2497-2510: 2502

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2018.1543732

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Compsophis laphystius


Compsophis laphystius   consuming eggs of Spinomantis peraccae   in

Ranomafana National Park

During nocturnal surveys for frogs on 13 December 2013 near camp Valohoaka (21.3165°S, 47.4296°E; 1160 m asl) within Ranomafana National Park , we encountered an adult specimen of Compsophis laphystius   (not collected) GoogleMaps   . The snake was found eating the eggs of a frog above a medium, swift-flowing stream ( Figure 3 View Figure 3 ). Upon our arrival to the feeding event, the snake was startled and began to flee. Based on their appearance being identical to the eggs we observed laid by a female Spinomantis peraccae   in the same stream several nights prior, we ascribe the clutch to that species.