Compsophis laphystius

Hutter, Carl Richard, Andriampenomanana, Zo F., Razafindraibe, Jary H., Rakotoarison, Dr. Andolalao & Scherz, Mark D., 2018, New dietary data from Compsophis and Alluaudina species (Squamata: Lamprophiidae: Pseudoxyrhophiinae), and implications for their dietary complexity and evolution, Journal of Natural History 52 (39 - 40), pp. 2497-2510: 2499

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2018.1543732

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Compsophis laphystius


Compsophis laphystius   with Gephyromantis cf. granulatus   in stomach ( Figure 1 View Figure 1 (b))

An adult specimen of Compsophis laphystius   (tissue sample MSTIS 00084) was captured at night on a bush 1 m above the ground on 23 November 2016 (ca. 14.438°S, 49.776°E; 460 m asl) near Camp Mantella   . This specimen appeared to have recently ingested a large meal and had a noticeable bulge in its stomach. We induced regurgitation and found the meal to be a partially digested Gephyromantis   specimen, probably G. (Duboimantis) granulatus   (tissue sample MSTIS 00085), which are abundant in the forests at this altitude; we note however that there are at least three Duboimantis species   in this area that are not easily differentiated, so an identification of this specimen will require DNA sequencing. The frog was nearly half the length of the snake with its hind limbs extended posteriorly, and had clearly been digested only at one end ( Fig. 1 View Figure 1 (b)), the rest remaining lodged in the oesophagus of the snake in the interim.