Spermophagus caricus Decelle, 1982,

Ghahari, Hassan & Borowiec, Lech, 2017, A checklist of seed-beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae) from Iran, Zootaxa 4268 (2), pp. 215-237: 217

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Spermophagus caricus Decelle, 1982


Spermophagus caricus Decelle, 1982 

Distribution in Iran. Tehran ( Borowiec 1985a), Yazd ( Abbaszadeh et al. 2016).

General distribution. Greece (Rhodes), Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey.

Host records. Convolvulus leiocalycinus Boiss.  ( Convolvulaceae  ) ( Abbaszadeh 2012; Abbaszadeh et al. 2016). 

Comments. Anton (1998) synonymized this taxon with Spermophagus turanicus  (Lukjanovitch & Ter- Minassian 1957) while Savitsky (2000) suggested that S. caricus  and S. turanicus  are independent taxa. Holotype of S. turanicus  is a female in bad condition (vestiture destroyed) but Savitsky (2000) noted some other morphological differences thus Anton (2010) in the catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera  again treated this taxon as good species.