Achilia tumidifrons, Jeannel, 1962

Giorgio Sabella, Sergey A. Kurbatov & Giulio Cuccodoro, 2017, A revision of the Chilean Brachyglutini - Part 2. Revision of Achilia Reitter, 1890: A. crassicornis, A. tumidifrons, A. bifossifrons, and A. lobifera species groups (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae), Revue suisse de Zoologie 124 (1), pp. 119-140 : 123

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Achilia tumidifrons


Achilia tumidifrons   group

Jeannel (1962: 398, 402) characterized this group as follows: elytra with 2 basal foveae; basal striae of abdominal tergite I separated by 1/3 of tergal width; head with broad transverse occipital hump in male; frons not narrowed anteriorly in female; male antennomere X not enlarged; copulatory pieces of aedeagus thin.

The group currently includes A. larvata ( Reitter, 1885)   , A. tumidifrons Jeannel, 1962   , A. globiceps Jeannel, 1962   , and A. paraglobiceps Franz, 1996   . However, we place all of these names as A. larvata   , becoming the only constitutive member in the unfortunately named tumidifrons   group.