Nipponentomon cf. heterothrixi Yin & Xie, 1993,

Bu, Yun, Potapov, Mikhail B. & Yin, Wen Ying, 2014, Systematic and biogeographical study of Protura (Hexapoda) in Russian Far East: new data on high endemism of the group, ZooKeys 424, pp. 19-57: 38

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Nipponentomon cf. heterothrixi Yin & Xie, 1993


Taxon classification Animalia Protura Nipponentomidae

Nipponentomon cf. heterothrixi Yin & Xie, 1993 

Material examined.

2 males, locality 5, 16-IX-2011, coll. Y. Bu, C. W. Huang, M. Potapov & V. Alpatov.


Russia (Far East, Primorsky Krai). New for Russia.


The present species has nearly the same body chaetotaxy (with P2 a’ on mesonotum and metanotum) and the shape of sensilla on foretarsus as in Nipponentomon heterothrixi  described from Northeast China, but differs by presence of setae P3a on tergites II–V which are absent in Nipponentomon heterothrixi  . Insufficient material does not allow describing a new species.