Pseudeucoila ( Pseudeucoila ) laticauca Yoshimoto

Carl M. Yoshimoto, 1962, Hymenoptera: Eucoilinae (Cynipoidea), Insects of Micronesia 19 (3), pp. 89-107 : 101-102

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Pseudeucoila ( Pseudeucoila ) laticauca Yoshimoto

n. sp.

9. Pseudeucoila ( Pseudeucoila) laticauca Yoshimoto , n. sp. (fig. 8).

Female: Ferrugineus to fuscous; legs and antennal segments 1 to 7 testaceous.

Front view of head as in figure 8, c; malar space equal to one-half height of eye; hairs on frons evenly spaced, forming a column on each side extending from base of antenna to anterior margin of clypeus; four short hairs evenly spaced between antennal fossa; clypeus with two long fine hairs on posterior lateral margin; several shorter hairs evenly spaced along anterior margin of clypeus. Surface of mandible with several fine hairs. Segments of antennal club striate, elliptical; antennal segments 1 and 2 twice as long as broad, segment 2 shorter than 3; segment 3 narrow at base and broader at apex, longer than 4; segments 5 and 6 shorter than 3 or 4. Pronotal plate T-shaped, upper part crescent-shaped, 1.8 times as wide as deep. Mesonotum with two rows of fine long hairs evenly spaced dorso-centrally. Metapleuron with two hairs separated by a horizontal carina. Lateral bar apically acuminate and reaching one-fourth distance of cup. Scutellar disc punctate posteriorly. Scutellar cup ovate, twice as long as broad, with two minute pits on anterior part of lateral margin and a deep, large pit on posterior end. Propodeum with two parallel raised lines; lateral areas of raised lines with dense, long, fine whitish hairs. Abdomen 1.4 times as long as broad. Tergites 3 and 4 visible at apex. Length 1.25 mm.; forewing 1.5 mm.

Male: Unknown.

Holotype, female (CM), Fadang, Guam, May 30, 1945, Dybas, under bark of breadfruit tree. Paratypes (BISHOP), female, Fadang, Guam, May 30, 1945; 3 females, Port Ajayan, Guam, June 6, 1945; female, Amantes Point, Guam, May 27, 1945, Dybas; female, Beach Cove, south of Gurgan Point, Tinian I., Apr. 5, 1945, sifting leaf-litter, Dybas.

Other specimens: Female, near Lake Susupe, Saipan, Mar. 3, 1945, Dybas.


This species resembles P. { Pentamerocera ) pacifica Ashmead (US, type no. 8444), but differs in the number of segments in the club.