Eucoilidea guamensis Yoshimoto

Carl M. Yoshimoto, 1962, Hymenoptera: Eucoilinae (Cynipoidea), Insects of Micronesia 19 (3), pp. 89-107 : 107

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.268892

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Eucoilidea guamensis Yoshimoto

n. sp.

13. Eucoilidea guamensis Yoshimoto , n. sp. (fig. 12).

Female: Black; antennae and legs brownish, abdomen fuscous.

Front view of head as in figure 12, c; malar space equal to one-half height of eye; hairs on frons evenly spaced, forming two columns at each side extending from antennal fossa to posterior margin of clypeus; middle of frons with two pairs of hairs. Surface of mandible with dense long hairs. Antennal club striate, of eight elliptic segments; antennal segments 1 and 2 subequal in length; segment 3 slightly bent at base, shorter than 4; segments S to 7 equal in length. Pronotal plate twice as broad as deep, subrectangular, median dorsal margin deeply emarginate. Pronotal surface muricate with sericeous hairs. Parapsidal groove distinct. Mesopleuron with a wide, curved groove. Scutellar disc punctate-rugose, rounded as seen from behind. Scutellar cup 1.7 times as long as broad, large, ovate, anterior portion slightly raised and convex, middle of cup with a large depression covering nearly all of posterior part and, lateral margin of cup with minute punctures with hairs. Propodeum with two parallel strongly raised lines; patch of hairs on anterior and lateral areas of propodeum. Petiole sulcate. Abdomen as long as broad; tergite 2 visible only. Length 1.3-1.5 mm.; forewing 1.5-1.6 mm.

Male: Unknown.

Holotype, female (BISHOP 3338), Umatac, Guam, Oct. 1957, Krauss. Paratypes (BISHOP, U S), female, Umatac, Guam, Oct. 1957, female, Nimitz Beach, Guam, Aug. 1952, Krauss.

DISTRIBUTION: Mariana Is. (Guam).

This species is related to Bucoilidea micromorpha Perkins of Hawaii, but differs in size and shape of scutellar cup. The pronotal surface is muricate, with interspersed sericeous hairs in guamensis ; much smoother with no sericeous hairs in micromorpha.