Acizzia, Heslop-Harrison, 1961

Martin, Jon H. & Lau, Clive S. K., 2011, The Hemiptera-Sternorrhyncha (Insecta) of Hong Kong, China-an annotated inventory citing voucher specimens and published records, Zootaxa 2847, pp. 1-122: 51-52

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Acizzia   undetermined sp. 1

Single sample in BMNH, from “wattle” Acacia sp.   in West Tai Mo Shan Country Park (NT).

Blastopsylla occidentalis Taylor (1985)  

Two samples in BMNH, one with vouchers also in PPRD and USNM, collected from Eucalyptus tereticornis   at TLF and from Eucalyptus sp.   in NT.

Cacopsylla fatsiae (Jensen, 1957)  

Described from USA (California) but possibly introduced to there from the Oriental Region. Hosts were given as Fatsia spp   and Schefflera heptaphylla   [= S. octophylla   ] by Hodkinson (1986), who also reported its presence in HK. Reported on Schefflera heptaphylla   [= S. octophylla   ] from HK by Lee & Winney (1981). No HK material in BMNH.

Cacopsylla schefflerae (Yang, 1984)  

Several HK samples in BMNH, all from Schefflera heptaphylla   [= S. octophylla   ].

Cacopsylla   undetermined sp. 1 (Figs 35, 36)

Two adult males in BMNH, said to have been part of large colony on Rhaphiolepis indica   . The authors subsequently collected a single adult female and a number of exuviae from the same host at the HK Wetland Centre (NT).

Colophorina sp.   near hungtouensis (Fang & Yang, 1986)   comb. nov. (from Psylla   ).

This species is represented in BMNH by two HK samples, from Phyllodium pulchellum   at the old Tung Chung village (Lantau I.) and from P. elegans   at Three Fathoms Cove (NT). Psylla hungtouensis   had been placed under Colophorina   in the BMNH collection, as a manuscript change resulting from unpublished work on the group by David Hollis (pers. comm.).

Colophorina   -group, undetermined sp. 1

Single specimen in BMNH, from Dalbergia hupeana   at Lam Tsuen Valley.

Colophorina   -group, undetermined sp. 2

BMNH has two samples from Dendrotrophe frutescens   , one sample from Ilex graciliflora   and a single (vagrant) specimen from grass, all appearing to belong to this one species.

Ctenarytaina   undetermined sp. 1

Single sample in BMNH, from Syzygium hancei   at Tai Po Kau forest (NT).

Ctenarytaina   undetermined sp. 2

Single sample in BMNH, from Syzygium sp.   on HK Island. It is noted on two slides that this sample is not conspecific with sp.1 above.

Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (1908)  

Three samples, from Citrus sinensis   and Citrus spp   , are in BMNH dry collection, the oldest collected from “orange leaves” in July 1908 by F. W. Terry and determined by F. Laing—but apparently no slides have been prepared. There is also dry material in PPRD, from Murraya paniculata   collected in 2010. This species colonises various species and varieties of Citrus   and Murraya   . Reported from HK by Lee & Winney (1981).

Heteropsylla cubana Crawford (1914)  

Five samples in BMNH, from Leucaena leucocephala   ,? Albizia corniculata   and an undetermined planted legume. There is slight variation between these samples but H. cubana   is an exotic introduction from the neotropics and it is unlikely that there is more than one species concerned. BMNH material from L. leucocephala   at Tai O (Lantau I.) is only dry-mounted.

Livia khaziensis Heslop-Harrison (1949)  

Single sample in BMNH, from Juncus prismatocarpus   at Wu Kwai Sha, slide-mounted and dry. This record was reported by Lee & Winney (1981), under its junior synonym L. nigra Klimaszewski (1964)   .

Livia nigra Klimaszewski (1964)  

see Livia khaziensis Heslop-Harrison (1949)  

Paurocephala bifasciata Kuwayama (1931)   (Fig. 33)

Several samples in BMNH, all from Ficus hispida   . Hill et al. (1982) reported this species from HK, but as an undescribed taxon. This is the species recorded as Paurocephala sp.   by Lee & Winney (1981).

Paurocephala boehmeriae Mifsud & Burckhardt (2002)  

Single large sample in BMNH, from Boehmeria nivea   on the Po Lin Monastery—Tung Chung path, Lantau I.

Paurocephala chonchaiensis Boselli (1929)  

Single sample in BMNH, from Ficus pumila   on HK Island.

Paurocephala psylloptera Crawford (1914)  

see Paurocephala   undescribed sp. near boehmeriae   , below

Paurocephala   undescribed sp. near boehmeriae Mifsud & Burckhardt  

Two large samples in BMNH, from Trema orientalis   . Almost certainly this is the species reported from the same host in HK by Lee & Winney (1981) as P. psylloptera Crawford (1914)   . However, many samples of Paurocephala   have been erroneously determined as P. psylloptera   and that species has not been recorded from HK ( Mifsud & Burckhardt, 2002).

Paurocephala   undetermined sp. 1

Single specimen from HK present in MMB (Igor Malenovsky, pers. comm.).

Psylla sp.   near hungtouensis (Fang & Yang, 1986)  

see Colophorina sp.   near hungtouensis (Fang & Yang, 1986)  

Syntomoza hsenpinensis (Fang & Yang, 1986)  

This species was listed from HK by Burckhardt and Mifsud (2003), the host plant quoted as Homalium hainanensis   . Two males from HK are present in MMB (Igor Malenovsky, pers. comm.).













Martin, Jon H. & Lau, Clive S. K. 2011

Paurocephala boehmeriae Mifsud & Burckhardt (2002)

Mifsud & Burckhardt Psylloidea 2002