Depressaria artemisiae Nickerl, 1864,

Buchner, Peter & Šumpich, Jan, 2020, Depressariidae (Lepidoptera) of the Russian Altai Mountains: new species, new records and updated checklist, Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 60 (1), pp. 201-244: 230

publication ID 10.37520/aemnp.2020.013

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Depressaria artemisiae Nickerl, 1864


Depressaria artemisiae Nickerl, 1864 

Material examined. RUSSIA: ALTAI REPUBLIC: Ust-Kan env. (6 km E), 50°56′05″N, 84°51′17″E, grassy steppe, meadows, 1100 m, 12.vii.2014, 1 Ƌ (Barcode NMPC-LEP-0168), J. Šumpich leg. ( NMPC); Belyashi (Dzhazator) env. (25 km NW), confluence of Argut and Karagem rivers, 49°51′56″N, 87°10′22″E, rocky steppe, 1400 m, 27.–28.vii.2017, 1 Ƌ (Barcode NMPC-LEP-0295), J. Šumpich leg. ( NMPC).

Molecular data. BIN BOLD: AAF 8250 (n = 29, 22 public, 4 from Altai). The average intraspecific divergence of the barcode region is 0.90% (maximum 2.10%). Two distinct clusters are developed, one of them comprises the Nearctic specimens and second one the Palaearctic ones where the Altaic specimens are assigned.

Distribution. Holarctic. In Russia widely distributed but local ( LVOVSKY 2006, 2008).


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