Houben, Albrecht M., Steenkiste, Niels Van & Artois, Tom J., 2014, Revision of Phaenocora Ehrenberg, 1836 (Rhabditophora, Typhloplanidae, Phaenocorinae) with the description of two new species, Zootaxa 3889 (3), pp. 301-354: 328

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Phaenocorinae   Wahl, 1910

Wahl 1910: 57

Bresslau 1933: 271–272 Gilbert 1935: 372–374 Hyman 1955: 15

Diagnosis: Typhloplanidae   with mouth and gonopore in the first body half. Pharynx situated ventro-rostrally at the rostral end of the gut, just behind the brain. Protonephridia with separate, laterally-situated pores, more or less located at the transition of the third and fourth body quarter. Vitellaria paired, branched, sometimes anastomosing to form a conspicuous network throughout most of the body. Male copulatory organ a smooth or spiny cirrus or penis papilla, which can be protruded. Superior genital atrium with pyriform lobes.

Type: Phaenocora   (only genus)