Euconocephalus nasutus (Thunberg, 1815)

Sri-In, Chalida & Yang, Jeng-Tze, 2019, The Notched-frons Katydids of Taiwan (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae: Copiphorini): redescriptions and keys for identification, Zootaxa 4648 (1), pp. 63-91: 70-71

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Euconocephalus nasutus (Thunberg, 1815)


Euconocephalus nasutus (Thunberg, 1815)  

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Locusta acuminata Fabricius 1775   . Syst. Ent.: 284

Conocephalus nasutus Thunberg, 1815   :.273.

Hemipterorum maxillosorum genera illustrate plurimisque novis speciebus dilate ac descripta. Mem. Acad. imp. Sci. St. Petersbourg, 5: 211–301.

Conocephalus varius Walker, 1869   . Cat. Derm. Salt. Brit. Mus. 2: 320.

Euconocephalus nasutus Vickery, Kevan & English, 1999   . Micronesica 32(1): 56

Body size: medium, 37–39 mm (male); 39–40 mm (female).

Head: In dorsal view, almost triangular, slightly longer in midline than wide about (c.1:0.6), shorter than pronotum in length about (c.1:1.5), head slightly narrower than pronotum about (c.1:1.4), median length of fastigium as long as width, vertex longer than fastigium about (c.1:0.7); dorsal width of fastigium 1.5 times wider than antennal scape; compound eyes spherical, prominent. In lateral view, fastigium without ventral carina, strongly elongate, rather blunted at the tip; notch between fastigium and frons deep, distance between opening 2 times shorter than depth, basal process slightly produced, apical process absent. In anterior view, antenna scape narrower than antenna socket 1: 1.8; lateral margins of frons parallel and apical part slightly divergent; face wider than width at level of eye about 1:0.8.

Thorax: Pronotum without lateral carinae; in lateral view, dorsal and ventral margin straight, median height 2 times shorter than median length, with a marked invagination at the posterior margin; in dorsal view, narrower anteriorly slightly convergent towards head. Prosternum with a pair of spines, hind femora with ventral spines, hind femur length three times longer than mid femur. Tegmina covering abdomen, and in female to tip of ovipositor, male stridulatory rib characteristic with narrow teeth present; male mirror of the right tegmen oval with a stridulatory file.

Genitalia: Ovipositor straight, slender and narrowing towards the apex, usually as long as hind femur. Cerci cylindrical, last segment with a process perpendicular to segment, and inwardly bent towards midline. Tenth tergite rather concave with short styli, not projecting beyond cerci.

Coloration: Body in dorsal view, green or brown. Head in dorsal view, green or brown; lateral view, green or brown; antenna orange in color. Anterior view, face green or brown; mandible orange; clypeus and labrum concolorous, yellow. Pronotum in dorsal view with metazona and prozona concolorous, green or brown; in lateral view, green or brown. Fore and middle legs concolorous, yellowish green or yellowish brown. Hind leg with femora yellowish green or yellowish brown, femoral flange green or brown. Hind tibiae green or brown; spines brown. Tegmina transparent with greenish or brownish areas. Abdomen in dorsal view, green or brown.

Specimens Examined: 1♂ ( NMNS 0210 View Materials ), Taiwan, Tainan Hsien, Matou Chen , Matou Sugar Refinery, Da- teMiss-2002, Jian-Hong Chen   . 1♂ ( NMNS 5426-35 View Materials ), Taiwan, Taichung, Hsinshe Chungho Village , IV-28-2006, C.Y. Huang   . 1♂ ( NMNS 0760 View Materials ), Taiwan, Is. Lanyu, Kaiyuan Port , II-27-2004, Jian-Hong Chen   . 1♂ ( NMNS 0064 View Materials ), Taiwan, Tainan City, Anping Chu , V-12-2000, Jian-Hong Chen   . 1♀ ( NMNS 0016 View Materials ), Taiwan, Tainan City, Anping Chu, Casuarina windbreak, I-12-2000, Jian-Hong Chen   . 1♀ ( NMNS 0009 View Materials ), Taiwan, Tainan City, Tung Chu, Na- tional Cheng Kung University , II-02-2000, Jian-Hong Chen   . 1♀ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Taichung, Dong Hai university, VI-10-1987, L. J. Hwang   . 1♀ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Taichung, NCHU campus, III-30-1976, S. J. N   . 1♂ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Taichung, NCHU campus, IV-25-1981, Chwe Pi Yian   . 1♀ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Lin Tian Shan , X-10-1968, C. J. Maa   . 1♂ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Taichung, Da Keng , VI-11-2008, Wu Yu China   . 1♂ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Nantou, Suan Dong , X-19-1975, L. C. Ling   . 1♂ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Taichung, Dong Hai university, VI-10-1987, Huang Li Zhen   . 1♀ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Taichung, Dakeng , IV-30-1992, B. I. Jon   . 1♀ ( NCHU), Taiwan, Nantou, Huisun , IV- 06-1994, Y. T. Horng   .

Habitat: Abandoned yard; Grasslands; Paddy field.

Distribution: China (Chongqing, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhejiang); India; Indonesia; Japan; Korea; Malaysia (West); Mariana Is.; Philippines; Singapore; Taiwan (new record); Thailand; U.S.A. (Hawai’i).


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