Xestophrys Redtenbacher, 1891

Sri-In, Chalida & Yang, Jeng-Tze, 2019, The Notched-frons Katydids of Taiwan (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae: Copiphorini): redescriptions and keys for identification, Zootaxa 4648 (1), pp. 63-91: 80

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Xestophrys Redtenbacher, 1891


Genus Xestophrys Redtenbacher, 1891  

Xestophrys Redtenbacher, J. 1891   . Monographie der Conocephaliden. Verh. Zool-bot. Ges. Wien. 41: 315–56.

The morphological characters according to the description of Kim and Kim (2002b) are: Medium body size. Fastigium with a somewhat blunted apex; notch closed. Hind femur twice as long as mid femur. Tegmina long, extending over tip of ovipositor. Male cerci thick with apex inwardly curved; basal process well developed. Female ovipositor shorter than hind femur, widened apically.

Type species: Xestophrys javanicus Redtenbacher, 1891