Pyrgocorypha Stål, 1873,

Sri-In, Chalida & Yang, Jeng-Tze, 2019, The Notched-frons Katydids of Taiwan (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae: Copiphorini): redescriptions and keys for identification, Zootaxa 4648 (1), pp. 63-91: 83

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Pyrgocorypha Stål, 1873


Genus Pyrgocorypha Stål, 1873 

Pyrgocorypha Stål, C. 1873  . Orthoptera  nova descripsit. Ofvers. Fin. Vetensk.-Soc. Forh., 30(4): 39–53.

The morphological characters were according to the description of Rehn & Hebard (1915). Medium in body size. Fastigium elongate, with acute apex, flat above; notch distinctly opened with basal and apical processes. Pronotum with disk flat, lateral keels obtuse. Tegmina elongate, extending over tip of ovipositor. Male cercus thick, strongly inwardly curved and with acute spine, basal process well developed. Female ovipositor curved, not reaching tips of tegmina.

Type species: Pygocorhypha subulata (Thunberg, 1815)