Meotica normandi BENICK , 1953,

Assing, Volker & Vogel, Jürgen, 2019, The mother of synonyms: on the Meotica species of the Palaearctic Region (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae, Oxypodini), Linzer biologische Beiträge 51 (2), pp. 731-772: 763-764

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Meotica normandi BENICK , 1953


Meotica normandi BENICK, 1953  ( Figs 78-84View Figs 69-79View Figs 80-90)

Meotica normandi BENICK, 1953: 79  f. Meotica franzi PACE, 1983: 34  f.; nov.syn. Meotica filaria: PACE (1983)  . T y p e m a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Lectotype ♂, present designation: " C. Aïn Senour, Dr. Normand / Meotica Normandi  ♂ G. Bck typus [sic] / Coll. G. Benick / Meotica filaria corr. J. Vogel / Lectotypus ♂ Meotica normandi Benick  , desig. V. Assing 2018 / Meotica normandi Benick  , det. V. Assing 2018 " ( MHNG).  Paralectotypes: 1♂, 2♀♀ [1♀ on same pin as lectotype; spermathecae of ♀♀ missing]: same data as lectotype ( MHNG).  A d d i t i o n a l m a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: MOROCCO: 1♀, Asilah, stream 4 km S

Asilah , 35°25'N, 6°02'W, 25 m, 27.III.2008, leg. Andújar et al. (cAss). SPAIN: 1♂, Cádiz , Tarifa ,

I.1996, leg. Poot (cAss); 1♀, same data, but XII.1995 (cWun)  .

C o m m e n t: The original description of M. normandi  is based on an unspecified number of syntypes from "C. Ain-Senour" ( BENICK 1953). Two males and two females were found in the Benick collection. One of the males is designated as the lectotype.

PACE (1983) described M. franzi based on a unique male from " Spagna meridionale, dintorni di Algeciras".

A comparison of the illustrations provided by PACE (1083) for M. franzi and M. filaria  with the sexual characters of the non-type specimens from the environs of Tarifa and of the type material of M. normandi  revealed that M. normandi  , M. franzi, and M. filaria  sensu PACE (1983) refer to the same species.

D i a g n o s i s: Small species. Body yellowish with segments V-VI and the anterior portion of segment VII more or less distinctly infuscate. Eyes very small. Hind wings reduced. Tergite VIII with truncate posterior margin, without distinct sexual dimorphism. ♂: sternite VIII ( Fig. 78View Figs 69-79) strongly transverse, posterior margin acutely pointed in the middle; median lobe of aedeagus relatively small, 0.20-0.22 mm long, and with short ventral process ( Figs 80-83View Figs 80-90); internal sac with a conspicuously long flagellum; apical lobe of paramere yellowish.

♀: sternite VIII ( Fig. 79View Figs 69-79) noticeably longer than tergite VIII, posterior margin convex, in the middle indistinctly concave; spermatheca rather stout and large in relation to aedeagus, of distinctive shape ( Fig. 84View Figs 80-90).

C o n f i r m e d d i s t r i b u t i o n: Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, South Spain.



Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle














Meotica normandi BENICK , 1953

Assing, Volker & Vogel, Jürgen 2019

Meotica normandi BENICK, 1953: 79

PACE R 1983: 34
BENICK G 1953: 79