Pseudococcus calceolariae ( Maskell, 1879 )

Caballero, Alejandro, Ramos-Portilla, Andrea Amalia & Kondo, Takumasa, 2017, Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) on sugarcane in Colombia, with description of a new species of Tillancoccus Ben-Dov (Coccidae), Zootaxa 4258 (5), pp. 490-500: 498

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Pseudococcus calceolariae ( Maskell, 1879 )


Pseudococcus calceolariae ( Maskell, 1879)  

This species was recorded in Colombia by Kondo et al. (2008) based on previous information, occurring on a native fig tree known as “caucho sabanero”, Ficus americanus   ( Moraceae   ), in the city of Bogotá   . Although Ps. calceolariae   is a polyphagous species ( Ben-Dov 1994, McKenzie 1967, Kondo et al. 2008), there are no reports of it feeding on other hosts in Colombia ( Kondo et al. 2008).

Although Figueroa (1977) recorded Ps. calceolariae   on the roots of sugarcane in the department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, there are no voucher specimens in any of the entomological depositories listed above. Therefore, we suggest that the record of Ps. calceolariae   on sugarcane from Colombia should be treated as doubtful.