Serenaspis minima ( Maskell, 1884 )

Caballero, Alejandro, Ramos-Portilla, Andrea Amalia & Kondo, Takumasa, 2017, Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) on sugarcane in Colombia, with description of a new species of Tillancoccus Ben-Dov (Coccidae), Zootaxa 4258 (5), pp. 490-500: 496

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Serenaspis minima ( Maskell, 1884 )


Serenaspis minima ( Maskell, 1884)  

Despite this species having been recorded on sugarcane from Colombia by Posada (1989) and Gallego & Vélez (1992), there are good reasons to believe these records were misidentifications. As far as we know, S. minima   is present only in the Australasian region ( Australia, New Zealand), and there are no records from the New World. In order to corroborate this record from Colombia, a careful search of the voucher specimens was carried out in four Colombian entomological museums, i.e., the Museo de Entomología, Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria (Corpoica), Centro de Investigación Palmira, Valle del Cauca ( MECP)   ; the Francisco Luís Gallego Entomology Museum, Medellín, Antioquia ( MEFLG)   ; the entomology collection at the Universidad Nacional, Palmira campus, Valle del Cauca ( CEUNP)   ; and the “Luis María Murillo” entomology collection held at Corpoica, Tibaitatá (CTNI). Specimens studied by Posada should be deposited at CTNI; those studied by Gallego & Vélez (1992) are held at MEFLG. However, no voucher specimens of S. minima   were found in any of these depositories.

Furthermore, Gallego & Vélez (1992) referred to Pinnaspis minor   by the common name: "piojo blanco del algodonero", but this name was assigned by Figueroa (1952) to Pinnaspis temporaria Ferris   (now Pinnaspis strachani (Cooley))   collected on cotton from Valle del Cauca. Figueroa (1952) treated Chionaspis minor   , Hemichionaspis minor   and Pinnaspis minor   as junior synomyms of P. strachani   . Pinnaspis strachani   is a highly polyphagous species and has a worldwide distribution, including many countries in the New World and is here reported feeding on S. officinarum   for the first time. We believe that Serenaspis minor   is not present on S. officinarum   in Colombia and that the above records were probably misidentifications of P. strachani   .


Museo Entomologico Francisco Luis Gallego