Tmeticus affinis (Blackwall, 1855),

Marusik, Yuri M. & Koponen, Seppo, 2010, A review of the Holarctic genus Tmeticus Menge, 1868 (Araneae, Linyphiidae), with a description of a new genus, ZooKeys 59, pp. 15-37: 17

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Tmeticus affinis (Blackwall, 1855)


Tmeticus affinis (Blackwall, 1855)  Figs 111194961

Neriene affinis  Blackwall 1855: 121 (D♂).

Tmeticus affinis  : Wiehle 1960: 411, f. 751-756 (♂♀).

Tmeticus affinis  : Merrett 1963: 410, f. 83A-C (♂).

Tmeticus affinis  : Millidge 1977: 37, f. 150 (♂).

Tmeticus affinis  : Roberts 1987: 44, f. 12e (♂♀).

Tmeticus affinis  : Millidge 1993: 147, f. 32 (♀). For a complete set of references see Platnick (2010).

Material examined.

FINLAND: 2♀ (ZMUT), Turku Ruissalo, 14.11.1966 (M. Saaristo); 2♀ (ZMUT), Turku Ruissalo, sea shore litter, 27.10.1966 (M. Saaristo); 1♂ (ZMUT) Turku Hirvensalo Illoinen, 30.5.1966 (P.T. Lehtinen); 1♀ (ZMUT), Turku Kärsämöki Pomponrahka, 30.05.1967 (M. Saaristo); 1♀ (ZMUT) Pori Yyteri, 16.10.1966 (M. Saaristo); 1♀ (ZMUT), Pudasjärvi Hirvaskoski, 12.08.1959 (P.T. Lehtinen); 1♂ (ZMUT), Kuusamo Torankijärvi, 7.7.1966 (M. Saaristo); 1♀ (ZMUT), Kajaani, Koutaniemi, 16.07.1972 (P.T. Lehtinen); 1♂ (ZMUT) Inari Repojoki, 9.7.1961 (O.V. Lindqvist); 1♀ (ZMUT) Utsjoki Kevo, birch forest on lake shore, 20.06.-20.07.1970 (E.T. Linnaluoto). RUSSIA: Krasnoyarsk Province, 1♂ 2♀ (ZMMU), Mirnoye, Yenisei River left bank, 23.06.1978 (K.Yu.Eskov); 2♀ (ZMMU), Mirnoye, Yenisei River left bank, 27.07.1979 (K.Yu. Eskov). Yakutia, 2♂ 2♀ (ZMUT), El’gyay, big ”alas” pond, 24.07.1977 (S. Koponen); 1♂ (ZMMU), western Yakutia, Kempendyay River 80 km up stream from the mouth, riverside meadow, 1-15.08.1988 (K.Yu. Eskov). Kamchatka Peninsula, 1♂ 1♀ (IBPN), Talovskoye Lake, Kuyul River, 16.08.1990 (M.B. Skopets). Chukotka: 1♂ (ZMMU), Markovo, July 1986 (G. Chernova). CANADA, Alberta: 1♂ (only the photo provided by D.J. Buckle has been studied), Caribou Mountain Wildlands, Wentzel Lake, 50°02N; 114°28W, sweeping horsetail meadow, 16.07.2003 (T. Johnson).


This species is easily recognized by its brownish carapace with a darker cephalic region. Males are easily recognized by their palp, which has a characteristic tibial apophysis and embolic division with the anterior radical process equal in length to the embolus proper (embolus longer than anterior radial process in other species). Females are easily recognized by the shape of the epigyne.


For detailed description see Wiehle (1960). ♀ 2.5-3.0, ♂ 2.5-2.8. TmI 0.65-0.75. Carapace reddish brown, rather dark in males. Cephalic region slightly darker than thoracic, but there is no clear demarcation between the two. Abdomen black. Legs orange-brown. Palp as in Figs 1-3, 5-7, 49, 61; epigyne as in Figs 4, 8-9, 19.


This species is known all over Eurasia, from western Europe to Kamchatka. In the Nearctic Region, it has been reported from Alberta ( Nordstrom and Buckle 2006).