Bembidiini, Stephens, 1827

Baehr, Martin & Reid, Chris A. M., 2017, On a Collection of Carabidae from Timor Leste, with Descriptions of Nine New Species (Insecta: Coleoptera, Carabidae), Records of the Australian Museum 69 (6), pp. 421-450: 423

publication ID 10.3853/j.2201-4349.69.2017.1660

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Tribe Bembidiini   , subtribe Tachyina  

A very large subtribe distributed worldwide. Species of various genera are common throughout the Oriental and Australopapuan Regions, though most genera are in need of revision, at least in some areas, and the validity of several genera is debatable. Most named species are widespread in the Oriental Region. Most tachyine species live beside water on the banks of rivers, shores of lakes, lagoons, and ponds, some also on beaches.

Elaphropus haliploides ( Bates, 1892)   .— 3 as follows: 1 “ Tutuala comm twr, 3k E Tutuala 8°23'57"S 127°17'02"E dry rf on Is c 200m TL2012/003/026 yellow pans 25.v.2012 ” K402645 ( AMS) GoogleMaps   ; 1 “1k E Mt Acalara , Turiscai Rd 4.5k from h’way 8°49'45"S 125°37'40"E E.uro   woodland/vacc on ridge 1625m 31.v.2012 C.Reid TL2012/096/764 beating fallen branches” K402643 ( AMS) GoogleMaps   ; and 1 “1k E Mt Acalara , Turiscai Rd 4.5k from h’way 8°49'45"S 125°37'40"E E.uro   woodland/ vacc on ridge 1625m 31.v.2012 C. Reid TL2012/096/749” K402644 ( AMS) GoogleMaps   . A widespread species that occurs through most of southern Asia to northern Australia   .

Paratachys fasciatus (Motschulsky, 1851)   .— 13 as follows: 12 “0.4k E Maupitine 8.47319S 127.14378E vine thicket TL2012/001/055 black light bucket trap 24.v.2012 ” K402648–650, K402652–660 ( AMS); 1 “gorge 1k NE Laclubar 8°44'47"S 125°54'54"E E uro   /siamweed above gorge at mv light 1030m C. Reid TL2012/107/598” K402651 ( AMS). One of the most widespread species in Asia, New Guinea GoogleMaps   , and Australia. Previously recorded from Timor, as Tachys trechiformis   ( Jordan, 1894).

Paratachys orphninus (Andrewes 1925)   : 345 (Timor): not collected.

Polyderis sp.   cf. subbrunneus Darlington, 1962   .— 1 “nr Desa Liurai, Hatubuilco Rd, 2.5k W t’off highwaY 8°52'41"S 125°34'36"E sweep E urophylla   /vaccinium 24.v.2012 1885m C. Reid TL2012/079/517” K402647 ( AMS). The identification is somewhat doubtful, but certainly the specimen is very similar to P. subbrunneus   which occurs in New Guinea ( Darlington, 1962) GoogleMaps   .

Tachyura ceylanica (Nietner, 1858)   .— 1 “Quelicai telcom twr @ Mt. Lawaliu 8.58989S 126.55236E mv lamp, 696m TL2012/0177058” K402695 ( AMS).A widespread species in the whole Oriental Region GoogleMaps   .

Tachyura poeciloptera (Bates, 1853)   .— 1 “beach house nr Baucau 8.4428S 126.46906E beach & foreshore mv. bucket trap 10m, TL2012/020/017” K402646 ( AMS). A very widespread species throughout SouthAsia , but probably not in New Guinea GoogleMaps   .

Tachyura triloris (Andrewes, 1925)   : 431 (Timor): not collected.













Baehr, Martin & Reid, Chris A. M. 2017

cf. subbrunneus

Darlington 1962

P. subbrunneus

Darlington 1962