Erennidae Pugh, 2001

Pugh, P. R. & Haddock, S. H. D., 2016, A description of two new species of the genus Erenna (Siphonophora: Physonectae: Erennidae), with notes on recently collected specimens of other Erenna species, Zootaxa 4189 (3), pp. 401-446: 402

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Erennidae Pugh, 2001


Family Erennidae Pugh, 2001   .

Diagnosis. Physonect siphonophores best characterized by their uncoiled tentilla each bearing a hypertrophied cnidoband with nematocysts of three types; large microbasic mastigophores line the margins of the cnidoband, while the other types fill the central region. Terminal process, when present, devoid of nematocysts. Nectophores with basic pattern of upper-, lower- and vertical lateral ridges; with apical muscle-free zone on nectosac; radial canals straight or slightly curved; with ostium opening basally; without mouth plate. Pneumatophore without apical pore. Gastrozooids without peduncle. Dioecious.