Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) multisulcatus (Reitter, 1890)

Neri, Paolo & Toledano, Luca, 2021, Geographic and taxonomic notes, addenda and corrigenda on the subtribe Bembidiina Stephens, 1827 of the 2017 ' Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera' (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidiina), ZooKeys 1044, pp. 563-587: 563

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Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) multisulcatus (Reitter, 1890)


Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) multisulcatus (Reitter, 1890)  

Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) multisulcatus lubricus   Lutsnik, 1938

Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) multisulcatus cariniger   Korge, 1971 syn. nov.


In the revision of the Caucasian species of ruficorne - stomoides group, after downgrading S. lubricus   Lutsnik, 1938 and S. cariniger   Korge, 1971 to subspecies of S. multisulcatus   Reitter, 1890, Fassati (1992) defined the distribution of the subspecies ( S. multisulcatus multisulcatus   from high altitudes in Central Caucasus; S. cariniger   from NE Turkey and Georgia; S. lubricus   from the Western Caucasus, Lesser Caucasus, and Georgia). He also described some diagnostic exoskeletal characters, but in the text frequently repeated the words "in general" and “often”, so that we suppose that, in his opinion, overlapping of characters are frequent in the subspecies. Kryzhanovskij et al. (1995) list the three subspecies from the Caucasus, but a note by Belousov (Kryzhanovskij et al. 1995: 90, note no. 188) says: “… since the infraspecific structure of multisulcatum Rtt. remains obscure". Later S. lubricus   was considered by all authors as a synonym of S. multisulcatus   ( Lorenz 1998, 2005; Marggi et al. 2003), while S. cariniger   , formerly listed as synonym of S. multisulcatus   in Lorenz (1998), was later considered a valid subspecies ( Marggi et al. 2003; Marggi et al. 2017).

We examined several specimens from NE Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan (new record: N Azerbaijan, Kusary, Shakh-Nabad-Tshai, 3400 m), and southern Russia (Abchasia, Sochi, Krasnodarski Kraj and, confirming S. lubricus   as a synonym, we think that S. cariniger   should also be synonymized with the nominotypical form. Therefore we state the following synonymy, with the junior synonym listed first: Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) multisulcatus cariniger   Korge, 1971 = Sinechostictus (Sinechostictus) multisulcatus   (Reitter, 1890) syn. nov. Current distribution: E: AB, GG, ST; A: TR.