Temelucha Förster, Forster

Rousse, Pascal, Villemant, Claire & Seyrig, Andre, 2011, Ichneumonid wasps from Madagascar. V. Ichneumonidae Cremastinae, Zootaxa 3118, pp. 1-30: 17

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.201206

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Temelucha Förster


Temelucha Förster  

Body slender, metasoma strongly compressed. Upper part of occipital carina interrupted medially. Propodeum completely or almost completely carinated. Front wing with areolet absent, vein Rs&M opposite or a little basal to vein cu-a, vein rs-m basal to 2 m-cu by 0.1 to 0.9 its length. Hind wing with vein Cu 1 spectral. Tergite I with glymma indistinct or shallow. Lower margins of tergite I bowed mesad and touching for a long distance, thus enclosing and hiding most of sternite I. Epipleura narrow, separated by crease and turned under. Ovipositor tip straight or weakly decurved. Male paramere rather long, its apex rounded or subtruncate with corners rounded. This is a very large genus of worldwide distribution. Hosts are various small lepidopteran larvae in leaf folds or tunnels.