Eurygenys Townes

Rousse, Pascal, Villemant, Claire & Seyrig, Andre, 2011, Ichneumonid wasps from Madagascar. V. Ichneumonidae Cremastinae, Zootaxa 3118, pp. 1-30: 8

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.201206

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Eurygenys Townes


Eurygenys Townes  

Body stout, metasoma moderately compressed. Occipital carina dorsally incomplete. Clypeus very small, almost flat, with a tongue-like median apical lobe. Mandibles short, very broad at base, tapered to a narrow apex, teeth more or less distinct, approximately equal, the tip twisted. Scutellum convex and finely transversally striate. Fore wing with areolet present and petiolate. First tergite with basal half narrow and apical half moderately wide. Gastrocoelus absent. Lower margins of first tergite separated and parallel. Epipleurum of second tergite wide, separated by a crease but pendant. Male gonosquama stout, its apex rounded. Ovipositor decurved. This small Ethiopian genus is restricted to South Africa and Madagascar.