Pimplomorpha Cameron

Rousse, Pascal, Villemant, Claire & Seyrig, Andre, 2011, Ichneumonid wasps from Madagascar. V. Ichneumonidae Cremastinae, Zootaxa 3118, pp. 1-30: 14

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.201206

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Pimplomorpha Cameron


Pimplomorpha Cameron  

Body moderately slender, metasoma moderately compressed. Occipital carina complete but medio-dorsally weakened. Mandible large, its lower tooth 1.5 to 2.5 x longer than upper. Propodeal carination complete. Tarsal claws pectinate at base or almost to apex. Fore wing with areolet absent, vein Rs&M opposite to vein cu-a and vein rs-m opposite to 2 m-cu. Hind wing with vein Cu 1 tubular and reaching the wing margin, except in P. mahafaty   where it is almost spectral. Tergite I of moderate length, glymma long. Tergite II with epipleura turned under. Ovipositor long with tip straight to slightly sinuate. Male gonosquama stout and truncate. This is a small Ethiopian genus, restricted to South Africa and Madagascar.