Eurygenys kerlioretensis Rousse, Villemant et Seyrig

Rousse, Pascal, Villemant, Claire & Seyrig, Andre, 2011, Ichneumonid wasps from Madagascar. V. Ichneumonidae Cremastinae, Zootaxa 3118, pp. 1-30 : 11

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Eurygenys kerlioretensis Rousse, Villemant et Seyrig

sp. nov.

Eurygenys kerlioretensis Rousse, Villemant et Seyrig   sp. nov.

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Diagnosis. Orange and black species characterized by its punctate face and rugose propodeum.

Description. FEMALE (6 specimens). L: 10.3, 10.3 (9.5–12.2).

Head. Constricted behind eyes. Temples short and rounded. Frons centrally smooth, laterally punctate. Face rough, shining, densely and deeply punctate laterally, with transversal wrinkles centrally. Clypeus short (Ci = 1.7), lacking transverse carina; apical lobe rounded and distinctly impressed. Malar space long (MLMi = 1.1). Mandibles subtriangular, with two teeth, apically twisted. Maxillary and labial palpi with five and four segments respectively. Antenna with 50–54 flagellomeres.

Mesosoma   . Mesonotum and all pleurae with sparse and small punctuations on almost smooth background, speculum smooth. Scutellum bulbous with fine transverse striation. Propodeum with stout transverse carinae, sometimes hardly discernable on its coriaceous surface. Areae basalis and superomedia indistinct, area petiolaris large with transverse wrinkles. Tarsal claws pectinate from base to apex.

Metasoma. Less compressed than in other Malagasy Eurygenys   species, shining, with sparse fine punctuation and sparse silver adpressed hairs. Tergites 1–2 almost smooth, the following slightly shagreened. Tergite II at most 1.5 x longer than wide. Glymma distinct but shallow. Ovipositor short and obviously decurved (OTi = 0.3–0.4).

Color. Orange: head, thorax, fore and median leg, hind coxa and apex of hind tarsus, base of petiole. Flagellum infuscate. Remainder of metasoma and hind leg black. Wings slightly infuscate apically, pterostigma dark brown.

MALE. (12 specimens). L: 10.9 (10.3–11.9). Similar to female.

Host records. Parasa affinis Mabille   ( Lepidoptera   : Limacodidae   ) on Uapaca bojeri Baill.  

Etymology. Refers to the lovely place of Kerlioret.

Distribution records. Madagascar (Antananarivo province).

Type material. HOLOTYPE Ƥ ( MNHN EY 3563) “Madagacar, Antsirabe, Muséum Paris, III- 34, A. Seyrig”. Complete, with host cocoon. PARATYPES 2 ƤƤ ( MNHN EY 3564–3565) and 73 ( MNHN EY 3567, 3568, 3571, 3573–3575, 3577), Antsirabe, March 1934 (2 ƤƤ and 23 with host cocoon); 13 ( MNHN EY 3570) Antsirabe, May 1933, with host cocoon; 1 Ƥ ( MNHN EY 3566) and 43 ( MNHN EY 3569, 3572, 3576, 3578), Mt Bity [Ibity mount], March 1930 (1 Ƥ and 13 with host cocoon); 1 Ƥ ( BNHM) same locality, March 1930, with host cocoon; 1 Ƥ ( CAS) Antsirabe, March 1934.


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