Salazar-Niño, Karen & Serrão, José Eduardo, 2015, Description of the immature stages of nine species of Veturius (Coleoptera: Passalidae), Zootaxa 3925 (1), pp. 94-108: 95-96

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Veturius  (Vetur ius) aspina Kuwert, 1898 

( Figs. 1View FIGURE 1 a, 2 a, 3 a, 4 a, 9 a)

Third instar. Body: length 60.0–63.0 mm, width (prothorax) 12.0 mm; covered with uniform pile of fine, short setae ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 a); prosternal setae absent. Primary setal pattern: 4–5 HPA, 1 PD, 4 PSL, 1 MSD, 2–3 MSL, 1 MTD, 2–3 MTL, 1 TM, 1 TSM, 1 TL, 1 AV 9 ( Table 2). Head: covered with uniform pile of short, golden setae; epicranial suture short; frontal sutures extended to the base of the antennae; width of head capsule 7.0–8.0 mm ( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1 a). Mandibles without micro-asperities on the ventral base. Maxillary stipes with 13 micro-conical projections ( Fig.View FIGURE 2

2 a). Legs: pars stridens (mesocoxae) length 1097.80 µm, width 737.89 µm, distance into striate 20.12 µm, 41 striae; mesocoxae and metacoxae with 2 internal setae. Metathoracic legs covered with short setae and microasperities in medial and posterior areas; anterior margin with 5 well developed teeth, I is the largest tooth, II –V gradually decreasing in size ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3 a).

* Post-antennal head setae (HPA), dorsal pronotal setae (PD), lateral pronotal shield setae (PSL), dorsal mesonotal setae ( MSD), lateral mesonotal setae ( MSL), dorsal metanotal setae ( MTD), lateral metanotal setae (MTL), median tergal setae (TM), submedial tergal setae (TSM), lateral tergal setae (TL), ventral abdominal setae (AV), anal ring setae (AR).

Abdomen: raster with setae; anal ring with 20–22 setae; anal slit T-shaped ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4 a).

Distribution. Species with geographical distribution from Honduras to Ecuador ( Boucher 2006). Material examined. COLOMBIA, TOLIMA, Municipio Ibagué, vereda Potrerillo, Sur el Totumo, 4 ° 23 ' 21 ''N 75 ° 12 ' 55.7 ''W, 1040 m, 2008. G. Amat, P. Reyes-Castillo, & L. Jiménez (5 specimens). COLOMBIA, ANTIOQUIA, Gómez Plata, vereda Vega Botero, 940 m, 12.vii. 2011. Reyes-Castillo, Jiménez-Ferbans, Salazar- Niño, & Amat-García (5 specimens).

TABLE 2. Number of primary setae of larvae of Veturius species (Coleoptera: Passalidae). Numbers in parentheses refer to character states less frequent.

  HPA PD PSL MSD         TSM   AV9  
      2–3(4)     1(2)        
V. sinuatocollis                    

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