Dikow, Torsten & Londt, J. G. H., 2000, A review of Lamyra Loew (Diptera: Asilidae: Laphriinae), African Entomology 8 (2), pp. 189-200: 190-191

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Key to the species of Lamyra 

The pruinose pleural pattern is best viewed laterally without the aid of a microscope. A pair of distinct pruinose pleurites anterior to the wing base, an extensive patch on the posterodorsal margin of the katepisternum, and a patch on the metapleura (above hind coxa) may be seen (provided the specimen is dry-mounted and not greasy). The anterior anepisternal patch of L. gulo  and L. rossi  , and the proepimeral patch (above forecoxa) of L. greatheadi  and L. vorax  , are sometimes not easily discernible from the greyish pruinescence of the thorax. The extensive dorsal grey pruinose patch on the anepisternum of L. greatheadi  and L. vorax  should be obvious if present. The pruinescence of the first three abdominal terga is best seen in dorsal view without the aid of a microscope.

1. Dorsal part of anepisternum extensively covered with distinct greyish pruinescence (Fig. 14); proepimeron (above forecoxa) with obvious patch of greyish pruinescence (Fig. 14); distal projection of gonocoxite slender and not hook-like distally (Figs 1, 10); aedeagus relatively slender, only two prongs visible in ventral view (Figs 3, 12) ... 3

- Only a poorly developed anterior patch of distinct greyish pruinescence present on anepisternum (Fig. 13); proepimeron without distinct patch of greyish pruinescence (Fig. 13); distal projection of gonocoxite with a hook-like appearance distally (Figs 4, 7); aedeagus relatively better developed, three prongs visible in ventral view (Figs 6, 9) ... 2

2. Face, maxillary palps and vertex black; scape and pedicel black; postpedicel black or orange; mesonotum black; genitalia in both sexes black with only black setae; T6-8 with only black setae. Distribution: Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe ... L. gulo Loew 

- Face, maxillary palps, and vertex orange; antenna orange; mesonotum orange-red with black pattern; all tibiae and tarsi orange-red; genitalia in both sexes orange-red with white or yellow setae; T6-8 with white (male) or yellow (female) setae only. Distribution: Angola ... L. rossi Oldroyd 

3. Metapleura (above hind coxa) entirely greyish-pruinose (Fig. 14); T1-2 greyish-pruinose , T3 greyish-pruinose only on posterior half; postpedicel clavate, black or orange. Distribution: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia ... L. greatheadi Oldroyd 

- Metapleura with only posterior grey pruinose stripe (as in Fig. 13); t1 apruinose; T2-3 with pair of oblique, widely separated greyish-pruinose triangles; postpedicel widened in the middle, black. Distribution: Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ghana, Israel, ?Malawi, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen... L. vorax Loew