Nephelomilta martini Volynkin & Černý, 2018

Volynkin, Anton V. & Černý, Karel, 2018, Revision of the genus Nephelomilta Hampson, 1900, with descriptions of twelve new species and two new subspecies (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae), Zootaxa 4472 (3), pp. 401-451 : 416

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Nephelomilta martini Volynkin & Černý

sp. nov.

Nephelomilta martini Volynkin & Černý   , sp. nov.

( Figs. 48, 49 View FIGURES 37–49 , 106 View FIGURES 105–107 , 137 View FIGURES 134–141 )

Type material. Holotype ( Figs. 48 View FIGURES 37–49 , 106 View FIGURES 105–107 ): ♂, “ Vietnam, Vinh Phuc Province, Tam Dao , N21°27.053' E105°38.798', 19.IX. 2014, 944 m, at light, G. Martin, BMNH (E) 2014-174”, slide BMNH (E) Arct. -6546 ♂ Volynkin (Coll. NHMUK) GoogleMaps   .

Paratypes: 1 ♀, same data as in the holotype (Coll. NHMUK)   ; 2 ♀, Vietnam, Vinh Phuc Province: Tam Dao, roof of Hoang Lonh Hotel , N21°27.471' E105°38.679', 09.IX. 2014, 925 m, at light, G. Martin, BMNH (E) 2014- 174, slide BMNH (E) Arct. -6547 ♀ Volynkin (Coll. NHMUK) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, 1 ♀, Vietnam sept, Tam Dao , 950 m, V.1990 leg. V. Kubáň (Coll. CKC).  

Diagnosis. Length of forewing is 12.5–13 mm in males and 14–15.5 mm in females. The species is externally similar to N. hortensis fansipana   , ssp. nov   . due to its orange-reddish forewing pattern, but differs in its more yellowish coloration of the pattern elements, and the slightly more elongated male forewing. The male genitalia of N. martini   sp. nov. are very characteristic and differ clearly from other species of the N. pusilla   species-group in the very broad and long apical lobe of the valve and the small subapical saccular process; the aedeagus structure is similar to that of some other related species (e.g., N. thomaswitti   sp. nov., N. fangae   sp. nov., N. hortensis   sp. nov.), but differ in the presence of the subbasal diverticulum of the vesica. The female genitalia of N. martini   sp. nov. are most similar to those of N. karenkonis   and N. hortensis   sp. nov., but differ in the significantly longer antevaginal plate, the slightly broader ductus bursae, and the slightly larger signum.

Distribution. North Vietnam (Vinh Phuc Province).

Etymology. The new species’ name is dedicated to Mr. Geoff Martin ( NHMUK, London), a collector of the holotype and three paratypes.


Natural History Museum, London