Nephelomilta klapperichi (Daniel, 1952) Volynkin & Černý, 2018

Volynkin, Anton V. & Černý, Karel, 2018, Revision of the genus Nephelomilta Hampson, 1900, with descriptions of twelve new species and two new subspecies (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae), Zootaxa 4472 (3), pp. 401-451 : 413-414

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Nephelomilta klapperichi (Daniel, 1952)

comb. nov.

Nephelomilta klapperichi (Daniel, 1952)   , comb. nov.

( Figs. 34–39 View FIGURES 25–36 View FIGURES 37–49 , 100, 101 View FIGURES 99–101 , 134 View FIGURES 134–141 )

Chionaema klapperichi DANIeL   , 1952, Bonner zoologische Beiträge 3 (3–4): 314, pL. 2, fIg. 51 (Type LOCALITy: [ ChINA, FUjIANg] "FUKIeN: ShAOwU, 500 m ").

Type material examined. Holotype ( Figs. 34 View FIGURES 25–36 , 100 View FIGURES 99–101 ): ♂, printed violet label “Shaowu—Fukien (500 m), J. Klapperich, 3.VI.1937 ” / hanwritten red label “ Holotype Chionaema klapperichi Daniel   ”, slide AV1908 ♂ Volynkin (Coll. ZFMK).

Other material examined. MYANMAR: 21 ♂, 16 ♀, Lower Burma [S Myanmar], slides BMNH (E) Arct-

6537♂, BMNH(E) Arct-6538♂, BMNH(E) Arct-6539♀ Volynkin (Coll. NHMUK); THAILAND: 1 ♂, N Thailand, Chiang Mai Prov., between Chiang Dao and Kariang , 900 m, 98°48’E, 19°25’N, 26.X.2002, leg. B. Herczig & G GoogleMaps   . Ronkay , slide AV2840 ♂ Volynkin (Coll. CKC)   ; 1 ♂, N Thailand, Nan prov., 785 m, road 1081, 18°52’26’’N, 100°31’44’’E, 31.V.2011, leg. K. Černý, slide AV2841 ♂ Volynkin (Coll. CKC) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, W Thailand, Kanchanaburi, Three Pagodas Pass , 348 m, sec. forest, 15°18.401’N 98°23.912’E, 21.IX.2008, leg. K. Černý, slide AV2844 ♂ Volynkin (Coll. CKC) GoogleMaps   ; 3 ♂, C Thailand, Saraburi, Khao Yai NP, Khao Khieo , 752 m, 14°24’20’’N 101°22’14’’E, 1.VI.2005, leg. K. Černý, slides AV2555 ♂, AV2845 ♂, AV2846 ♂ Volynkin (Coll. CKC) GoogleMaps   ; LAOS: 17 ♂   , Laos centr., Khammouan prov., Nakai env., 17°43’N, 105°09’E, 22.V.-8.VI.2001, alt. 500-600 m, E. Jendek & O. Šauša leg., slide MWM 31646 View Materials (♂) Volynkin (Coll. MWM/ ZSM) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♀, Laos centr., Khammouan prov., Ban Khoun Ngeun vill. env., 17.V.–6.VI. 2007, 300 m, M. Štrba & R. Mlčoch leg., slide MWM 31647 View Materials (♀) Volynkin (Coll. MWM/ ZSM)   .

Diagnosis. Length of forewing is 9.5–10 mm in males and 12–12.5 mm in females. The species is very similar externally to the small specimens of N. sumatrana effractoida   ssp. nov   . and sometimes to the pale specimens of N. hortensis hortensis   , which both are sympatric with N. klapperichi   , and can be distinguished from them only by the genitalia structures, which are clearly different in the males of all three species. The female genitalia of N. klapperichi   differ from those of N. sumatrana effractoida   ssp. nov   . in the large pheromone glands, the much shorter apophyses anteriores, the presence of the antevaginal plate, the evenly sclerotized and slightly curved ductus bursae with the subostial lobes, and the weaker spines in the medial cluster of the corpus bursae; from N. hortensis hortensis   they differ in the shorter antevaginal plate, the presence of the subostial lobes of the ductus bursae, the less curved ductus bursae, and the broader cluster of spines in the medial section of the corpus bursae. The differences between N. klapperichi   and its closest relative N. ranau   sp. nov. are described in the diagnosis of the latter.

Distribution. Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, North-East China (Fujian).


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