Gieysztoria macrovariata ( Weise, 1942 ) Ruebush & Hayes, 1939

Steenkiste, Niels Van, Tessens, Bart, Krznaric, Kathleen & Artois, Tom, 2011, Dalytyphloplanida (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela) from Andalusia, Spain, with the description of four new species, Zootaxa 2791, pp. 1-29 : 22

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Gieysztoria macrovariata ( Weise, 1942 ) Ruebush & Hayes, 1939


Gieysztoria macrovariata ( Weise, 1942) Ruebush & Hayes, 1939

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syn. Dalyellia rubra var. macrovariata Weise, 1942

New locality. Doñana National Park, Provincia de Huelva, Spain (36 ° 58 ’ 50 ”N, 6 ° 29 ’ 11 ”W). Laguna Dulce: swamp vegetation on the northern edge of the lake (06/04/ 2008).

Known distribution. Palearctic: Central Europe ( Germany) and Southern Europe ( Italy) (see Luther 1955 for localities and references), Western Europe ( the Netherlands: South Holland) ( Van Der Land 1965), Eastern Europe ( Romania: littoral freshwater lakes of the Black Sea) ( Mack-Fira 1970 b), East China (Wuhu city, Anhui Province) ( Wang & Deng 2006).

Material. Observations on a live animal and one whole mount.

Remarks. The animal is about 1 mm long and has vitellaria with fingerlike papillae. The 100 µm-long stylet consists of a 45 µm-long girdle bearing 9 spines, which differ in length. The girdle consists of a fibrous network and is strengthened by a distal ring, on which the spines originate. Although the folding of the stylet did not allow us to determine the precise order of all spines, it is clear that the outer spines are larger and protrude more from the girdle than the inner ones. At least three of the outer spines have a relatively long and broad funnel-shaped base, whereas the other spines have a shorter, more slender base.