Nesocerus affinis, Krishnankutty & Dietrich, 2011, Krishnankutty & Dietrich, 2011

Krishnankutty, Sindhu M. & Dietrich, Christopher H., 2011, Taxonomic revision and phylogeny of an endemic leafhopper genus Nesocerus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Idiocerinae) from Madagascar, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 162 (3), pp. 499-543: 507

publication ID 10.1111/j.1096-3642.2010.00690.x


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Nesocerus affinis


NESOCERUS AFFINIS   SP. NOV. ( FIGS 3I, J View Figure 3 , 6P, Q View Figure 6 )

Diagnosis: This species is closely similar to N. ranomafanaensis   , but can be distinguished by the reduced or absent apical processes of the aedeagal shaft and the absence of forewing crossvein r-m 1.

Description: Length of male, 4.6–4.8 mm; female, 5 mm.

External characters and coloration as in N. ranomafanaensis   .

Male genitalia closely resembling those of N. ranomafanaensis   , but aedeagal shaft with processes absent or reduced to tiny lobes.

Material examined: Holotype male, MADAGASCAR: Province d’Antananarivo, 3 km 41° north-east of Andranomay , 11.5 km, 1300 m, 18°28′24″S, 47°57′36″E, 5.–13.xii.2000, Fisher, Griswold et al., BLF2375, CASENT5502778 ( CAS) GoogleMaps   . Paratypes: two males ( CASENT5501890, CASENT5502683)   , one female ( CASENT5501002)   , same data as holotype ( CAS, INHS) GoogleMaps   ; one male, MADAGASCAR: Province d’Antsiranana , Parc National Montagne d’Ambre, 12.2 km 211° south-south-west of Joffreville, 1300 m, 21°35′47″S, 49°9′34″E, 2.–7.ii.2001, Fisher, Griswold et al., BLF2853 ( INHS) GoogleMaps   .

Etymology: The specific epithet is derived from the Latin affinis   meaning similar, referring to similarity with N. ranomafanaensis   .


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