Brontostoma alboannulatum (Stål, 1860), Stal, 1860

Gil-Santana, Hélcio R., Baena, Manuel & Grillo, Horacio, 2013, Berengeria Gil-Santana & Coletto-Silva, a junior synonym of Ectrichodiella Fracker & Bruner, with new records and taxonomic notes on Ectrichodiinae from Brazil, and with keys to Ectrichodiinae and Reduviinae genera of the New World (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae), Zootaxa 3652 (1): -

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Brontostoma alboannulatum (Stål, 1860)


Brontostoma alboannulatum (Stål, 1860)   / Brontostoma rubrovenosum (Stål, 1860)  

Brontostoma alboannulatum   and B. rubrovenosum   were each described based on one female specimen from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Stål 1860) (Figs. 1–2) and are most probably the same species. In the original description of these taxa, Stål (1860) expressed his doubt whether or not B. alboannulatum   might be a variation of B. rubrovenosum   (“ An varietas praecedentis.?”; see page 72). Indeed, the few pointed color differences between them are very likely intra-specific variation. On the other hand, B. discus   and B. nanus   were once considered as variations within the same species (Wygodzinsky 1951), but were later shown to have discrete morphological characters distinguishing them (Carpintero 1980). So, if further studies can find acceptable morph characters, then they would stand as different taxa. If not, a synonym should be formally proposed. Some taxa, such as B. rubrum   and particularly B. colossus   , in which individuals show a great range of variation in coloration (Wygodzinsky 1951; Carpintero 1980) and, to some extent, also in size, could represent more than one species in each case as well.

Material examined: Brontostoma alboannulatum   : BRAZIL, Bahia, 1 female, [no date], Camille leg., Maldonado det., 1985 [IRSNB].