Choeras tedellae ( Nixon, 1961 ), Nixon, 1961

Moghaddam, Mostafa Ghafouri, Rakhshani, Ehsan, Achterberg, Cornelis Van & Mokhtari, Azizollah, 2018, A study of the Iranian species of Choeras Mason (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Microgastrinae), with the description of a new species, Zootaxa 4446 (4), pp. 455-476: 466-467

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Choeras tedellae ( Nixon, 1961 )


Choeras tedellae ( Nixon, 1961)  

Apanteles tedellae Nixon, 1961: 50   ; Papp 1983: 257; Belokobylskij et al. 2003: 386.

Apanteles epinotiae Fischer, 1962: 309   .

Apanteles epinoticida Fischer, 1966: 388   .

Apanteles (Choeras) tedellae ( Nixon, 1961)   ; van Achterberg 2002: 55; Yu et al. 2016.

Specimens examined. 5 ♀ and 4 ♂ (HNHM): 1 ♀, BULGARIA, Rhodope Mt. Pamporovo (41°36'N, 24°34'E), 3.viii,1978, leg.: Zaykov, Det. J. Papp, 1989 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Rhodope Mt. Brjanovshtisa (41°36'N, 24°34'E), 25.vii,1978, leg.: Zaykov, Det. J. Papp, 1989 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♀, CZECH REPUBLIC, Moravian, Jedovnice, Kristek (49°20'N, 16°45'E), Det. Capek and subsequently Papp, 1982 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♀, GERMANY, Munchen, Taufkirchenbei (48°3'N, 11°36'E),, leg.: Haeselbarth, Det. G. E. J. Nixon GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Nuremberg (49°27'N, 11°4'E), Det. J. Papp, 1989 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, NORTH KOREA, Gang-von (= Gangwon) district On-dzong, Kum-gang san (= Mt. Kumgang-san ), near Hotel Go-song (= Goseong ), 250m, No. 325 (38°39'N, 128°6'E), 7.viii.1975, legs: J. Papp & A. Vojnite, Det. J. Papp, 1989 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Mt. Pektusan environs Sam-zi-yan, hotel lake-shore (41°59'N, 128°4'E), 19.vii.1977. No. 376-netting in grasses, legs: Dbly & Dryskovits. Det. J. Papp, 1989 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♀, POLAND, Hajnowka, forest Biatowieska (52°43'N, 23°39'E), 11.ix.1987, Det. J. Papp, 1989 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♀, SOUTH KOREA, Pyongyang city, Mt. Ryongak-san (33°11'N, 126°17'E), 30.v.1985, No. 962, legs: Vojnits & Zombori using light trap, Det. J. Papp, 1989. GoogleMaps  

Short diagnosis. Females have the antenna rather short and penultimate flagellomeres about 1.3 × longer than wide, the propodeum smooth and shiny except for some rugosity posteriorly, T1 is gradually narrowed apically with weakly sculptured, T2 is transverse with smooth median surface.

Description. No Iranian specimen was available.

Hosts. Unknown in Iran.

Biology. Unknown. Yu et al. (2016) mentioned that this species is attracted to light referring to van Achterberg & Aguiar (2009). In that paper, C. tedellae   was collected using light and Moericke traps. However, they are not likely to be attracted to light considering the smaller eyes compared to species that are regularly attracted to light.

Distribution in Iran: Golestan province (Ghahari & Fischer 2011).

General distribution (Fig. 11C): Palaearctic: Austria, Bulgaria (new record), Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, South Korea, Moldova, Netherlands, North Korea, Poland, Portugal (Madeira Islands), Romania, Russia (Chita Oblast, Primorsky Krai, Yaroslavl Oblast), Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Similar species. The most similar species is C. parasitellae ( Bouché, 1834)   , their females have short antenna with penultimate flagellomeres not noticeably longer than wide, the propodeum without medio-longitudinal carina, T1 is less narrowed apically than in C. tedellae   and T2 is more transverse and almost reaches lateral margin of segment.

Male. Unknown in Iran.

Notes. Ghahari & Fischer (2011) did not mention the depository of their Iranian material. It is impossible to assess the identification without re-examination of the specimen(s).














Choeras tedellae ( Nixon, 1961 )

Moghaddam, Mostafa Ghafouri, Rakhshani, Ehsan, Achterberg, Cornelis Van & Mokhtari, Azizollah 2018

Apanteles tedellae

Nixon, 1961 : 50
Papp 1983 : 257
Belokobylskij et al. 2003 : 386

Apanteles epinotiae

Fischer, 1962 : 309

Apanteles epinoticida

Fischer, 1966 : 388

Apanteles (Choeras) tedellae (

Achterberg 2002 : 55