Penniverpa unispinosa Webb

Webb, Donald W. & Metz, Mark A., 2008, A revision of the New World genus Penniverpa Irwin and Lyneborg (Diptera: Therevidae: Therevinae), Zootaxa 1720, pp. 1-45 : 40-43

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Penniverpa unispinosa Webb

spec. nov.

Penniverpa unispinosa Webb   spec. nov.

( Figs. 73 –77 View FIGURES 73 – 77 , 88 View FIGURE 88 )

Etymology. Unus (Latin) = one, whole; spina (Latin) = thorn, backbone. This name is used as an adjective.

Diagnosis. The male of Penniverpa unispinosa   is similar to P. bradleyi   and P. e p i d e m a in lacking setae medially on the posterior margin of sternite 8 (Fig. 7). It differs from P. b r a d l e y i and P. e p i d e m a in possessing macrosetae along the posterior margin of the gonocoxite ( Fig. 73 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), the PVL of the ventral lobe in the form of a broad ventroapical point ( Fig. 74 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), and the VMP positioned apically on the LGP of the gonostylus. It also differs from P. e p i d e m a in having the LGP of the gonostylus linear ( Fig. 74 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ). The female of Penniverpa unispinosa   is unknown.

Description of holotype MALE. Variation (n= 1).

Body length 6.8 mm.

Head. Length 0.80 mm. Ommatidia of equal size. Frons pubescence silver, dense; setae absent. Antenna (flagellum missing) dark brown, scape pubescence gray, dense; scape length 0.16 mm, length/width 1.6, scape/pedicel length 2.0, setae black, short, sparse; pedicel length 0.08 mm, length/width 0.7. Maxillary palpus dark brown; length 0.38 mm, length/width 6.3; setae dark brown. Genal setae white. Occipital setae white, sparse dorsomedially; macrosetae dark brown, extending as single row from lateral end of postocular macrosetae.

Thorax. Macrosetae 3 np, 2 sa. Mesonotum pubescence white, dense; setae dark brown, erect intermixed with white to whitish yellow, appressed setae. Pleuron pubescence gray; setae white on propleuron, anepisternum, katepisternum, laterotergite, and scutellum. Wing. Membrane pale gray; veins brown; length 5.4 mm, width 1.8 mm, length/width 3.0; pterostigma brown, narrow. Halter brown. Legs. Coxal setae white; hind coxa with anterior papillate knob. Femora dark brown, pubescence gray; ventral setae brown on fore– and midfemora, white dorsally; av 1:0: 1, pv 0:0: 3. Tibiae brown, apex dark brown. Tarsi dark brown.

Abdomen. Reddish brown, pubescence white, dense on posterior half of tergite 1, over all of tergites 2–8; dorsal setae white, elongate, appressed, denser across posterior margin. Terminalia   dark brown. Sternite 8 ( Fig. 73 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), setae dark brown, absent medially on posterior margin. Gonocoxite ventral view ( Fig. 73 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), setae dark brown, macrosetae dark brown posteriorly; ventral lobe ( Fig. 74 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), PVL in form of broad ventroapical point. Gonostylus ( Fig. 74 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), LGP oblong, apical setae dark brown, short, VMP elongate, positioned apically, apical setae short. Aedeagus with dorsal apodeme ( Fig. 75 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), anterior margin truncate; ventral apodeme ventral view ( Fig. 76 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), not reaching anterior margin of dorsal apodeme; distiphallus ( Fig. 75 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ) narrow basally, tapered posteriorly with dorsal spinous projections, ventral view ( Fig. 76 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ) AAP elongate with spinous projections, lateral view ( Fig. 77 View FIGURES 73 – 77 ), tapered posteriorly in broad curved.

FEMALE. Unknown.


Habitats and phenology. Penniverpa unispinosa   was hand-netted in March.

Distribution. Penniverpa unispinosa   is known from Mexico (Quintana Roo) ( Fig. 88 View FIGURE 88 ).

Specimens examined. Type specimen. The holotype male of Penniverpa unispinosa Webb   [MEI 088464] is labeled " MEXICO, Quintana Roo, Allen Point, Ascension Bay, 17.IV 1960, J. F. G. Clarke" [19.74, - 87.47] and is deposited in the USNM.


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